Phoenix, Paris Hilton’s kid, goes to Disneyland for a “completely magical” Christmas vacation



Phoenix, the son of Paris Hilton, has been introduced to the “happiest place on Earth!”

On Christmas Eve, the child celebrated turning 11 months old by visiting Disneyland with his spouse, reality star Carter Reum.

Hilton posted a charming carousel of images from the visit to Instagram on Sunday.

Alongside them, she added, “taking Baby P to @Disneyland for his first-ever adventure was a dream come true✨.” It’s evident why this location is referred to as the happiest on Earth as you see his amazement and wonder at every new sound and sight. Truly amazing and profoundly touching🥹

“These precious moments of pure joy and wonder will stay in my heart forever🥰 It’s moments like these that make life so beautiful and remind us why Disneyland is truly the happiest place on Earth✨🥹❤️👶🏼🏰✨ #CutesieCrew ✨ #SlivingMom ✨.”


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Nicky Hilton, the sister of Paris, and her two daughters, Lily-Grace and Teddy, joined the group.

The couple’s second kid, a baby girl named London who was born in November through surrogacy, is not shown in the photo. Is Paris Hilton Surrogate?

Hilton didn’t disclose either of her two surrogate pregnancies until she made an announcement on social media.

“My life has just been so public, my whole life has been, just, invaded,” Hilton said in an interview with Rolling Stone, describing her decision not to disclose Phoenix’s pregnancy. “I just wanted my baby to come into the world, be here, and not have all this weird [attention],” the author said.

Both 42-year-olds have been outspoken about their desire to begin a family since their 2021 wedding.

Because of the ongoing mental pain Hilton experiences as a result of attending the contentious and reputedly harsh Provo Canyon School for Troubled Teens as a teenager, they decided to use a surrogate.

Phoenix, Paris Hilton's kid, goes to Disneyland for a completely magical Christmas vacation (1)

In a recent interview with Romper, she said, “If I get a shot in the doctor’s office, I literally have a panic attack and I can’t breathe.”  Paris Hilton Shares Her Sexual Abuse Story Amid Fight To Shut Down Provo School in Utah

In addition to posing for pictures in front of a Christmas tree at Disneyland, the ex-socialite has been indulging in some retail therapy to get into the festive mood.

She was seen on Saturday shopping for Christmas while hiding her identity with a long black wig.

Hilton was carrying her spouse, who had a big Gucci shopping bag in his hand, and was dressed casually in a gray hoodie.