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Persona 5 Royal: What Carries Over In The New Game Plus?


David Mudd

Persona 5 Royal is finally out in the West. The game did release in Japan on October 31, 2019, itself. However, the English localization took a long, long time. Fans of the beloved JRPG series had to wait six excruciating months for the game’s English translation to come out.

New Characters And Reworked Confidants

The day finally came on March 31, 2020, though. Everyone was ready to get jump into the mask of Joker and let the Phantom Thieves steal their hearts all over again. The game comes with a lot of new content, too.


The biggest additions to Persona 5 Royal over Persona 5 are the two new characters – Kasumi Yoshizawa and Takuto Maruki. Without spoiling anything, these two characters expand upon the original’s story by a lot.

We also have a reworked Confidant storyline for the character of Goro Akechi. His Confidant ranked up automatically in the original Persona 5, but in Persona 5 Royal, you have to choose to spend time with him.

More Activities In The Real World And The Metaverse Persona 5

All three of these characters are absolutely key to unlocking the new third semester, too. On top of all this, you have new requests to complete in Mementos, which itself has received a massive overhaul.

Outside of the Metaverse, you have numerous activities to partake in. For one, Caroline and Justine, the Velvet Room’s attendants, now hang out with you in the real world as well. Taking them to different places around the game’s fictional Tokyo earns you skill cards.


You also have a brand new area of Tokyo called Kichijoji to try out. You can play darts or billiards with your friends, go on dates in the jazz club or meditate at a nearby temple among other things.

Essentially, there’s a lot of stuff to do and limited time to do it in. So, it’s highly likely that you may end up missing out on a lot of what this game has to offer. In that case, a second playthrough may become absolutely necessary.

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Revisit Things You Missed In New Game Plus

Lucky for you, the game comes with a New Game Plus. Here, you can retain much of what you’ve earned in your first playthrough while going through the same story. This should make ranking up Confidants, traversing palaces and even the optional boss battles an easier task.

As far as what specifically carries over? Your Social Stats, Persona Compendium, Skill Cards, Equipment, Money, Playtime and Special Items. On top of all this, any HP or SP boosts you got from working out or meditating will also carry over, as will your Challenge Battle scores and Mementos Stamps.


This should make your second playthrough a lot easier, and let you experience the things you may have missed the first time around.

Thus giving you a great never before gaming experience. These new additions in this game are really worth the hype!