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Persona 5 Royal: Every Detail From The New Trailer Before Its Release

Anime role-playing video game Persona 5 is all set to make their fan go crazy. Developer Atlus is counting on its new part Persona 5 Royal. Recently, they released their new trailer and it is creating storm among fans. Let’s see what we get to know from this trailer.

Persona 5 Royal: Release Date

Though Persona 5 Royal released its trailer, we need to wait for its official release outside of Japan. The game will launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 on 31st March. We can call Persona 5 Royal a remake of Persona 5 but with some new features and characters.

Persona 5 Royal: All Information From New Trailer

The trailer is titled “Change the World”. We can see almost every Phantom Thieves including the newest character Kasumi Yoshizawa. This new character is a skilled gymnast and also pretty mysterious. A memento character Jose also appears in the trailer as well as a brand new palace.

There are some new features like conversation sprites for Ryuji, Phantom Thieves group chat, and combat finisher. But there is also an entirely new feature too. The original game has two school terms, but in this version of the game, there will be a Summer term.

Persona 5

In the Royal plot twist, Morgana can take the human version of herself and the twins Justine and Caroline can step into the real world. Kasumi’s persona is called  ”Cendrillon” which we get to know from the awakening scene of Kasumi in the trailer. Other than Kasumi there is an interesting new character named Takuto Maruki who will be “The Consultant”. You can watch the trailer here.

Persona 5 Royal: Final Information

Persona 5 royal is adding some new areas in the game like Kichijoji which is a place in Tokyo, an aquarium, etc. You can find out your fellow characters roaming in these spots.

Well, this is what we can get from the trailer right now. We will be able to update further when new information comes up until it releases.

Persona 5

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