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Persona 5 Royal: All About Phantom Thieves


David Mudd

Persona 5

Japanese video game developer, Atlus developed Persona 5. Persona 5 game is set in present-day Tokyo. It is about high school students. They channelize their inner psyche, persona. The character is a silent protagonist, he doesn’t have any dialogues during the game. His name is Joker.

Our protagonists’ main aim is to change the hearts of criminals and other evil-minded people in the whole universe. He will become the leader of the Phantom thieves army.

Phantom Thieves

Once a drunken man abuses a woman on the road and joker defends her. He is falsely charged and sent on probation to Tokyo to attend the Shujin academy. One day Shujin Academy’s volleyball teacher molests and abuses his student Shiho Suzui. She will attempt suicide. Shiho will be in a coma and thus she cannot give her statement on the crime. No other student will be willing to give a statement against the volleyball teacher.

Shiho’s friend Ann, Joker and their friends decide to make the teacher confess his crimes by changing his heart. They succeed in doing so. As a result, Joker, Ann, and others form the Phantom Thieves army.


The people whose hearts Phantom thieves changed show a sudden change in behaviour which is very unnatural. There is no result when police interrogated these victims. Phantom thieves became very difficult to find. Many people including student council president supported phantom thieves army but at the same time, many of them questioned their methods.

Phantom thieves army is dissolved because Jokers’ probation is dropped and he can return to his home town.

Members Of Phantom Thieves

  1. Morgana: It is a cat-like creature. Its code name is Mona.
  2. Ryuji Sakamoto: His code name is the skull. He is the first companion of Joker. He gives joker a sports watch in the end when he goes back to his home town.
  3. Ann Takamaki: Her code name is Panther. She is very popular in the Shujin academy. Joker and Ann were supposedly in a relationship and she gifts him earmuffs for Christmas.
  4. Kasumi Yoshizawa: She enrolls in Shujin Academy at almost the same time as the joker.
  5. Hifumi Togo: She is a Shogi player.

There are many other members of Phantom Thieves in Persona 5 Royal apart from the above mentioned.

94% of google users loved this game. GameStop rated this game a 4.8 out of 5. So have a wonderful time playing it.