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Persona 5: 10 Top Accessories To Choose From


David Mudd

We all know about anime video games. PERSONA 5 is such an amazing anime video game which was a big hit among gamers.

Persona 5

As we all know, Persona 5 is a role-playing video game developed by P-Studio. This game is published by Atlus, Atlus USA, Deep Silver. It is a single-player video game. The designer of this game is Naoya Maeda. Persona 5 was released on 15th September 2016.

Storyline Of Persona 5

This game is based on a group of students of Shujin Academy who becomes vigilantes known as PHANTOM THIEVES OF HEARTS. They fight battles with their enemy. As they always fight they need best gears. Here are the top 10 accessories in Persona 5.


  1. CRYSTAL SKULL: It is the best accessories in Persona 5. It increases five points to the user also gives high chances to evading magic.
  2. DIVINE PILLER: This accessory helps the user in healing from all kind of incoming damage
  3. OMNIPOTENT ORB: This is a tricky accessory on the game. It makes the user immune to all damage. But it can not prevent the Almighty kind of damages.
  4. SP ADHESIVE 3: This accessory which helps the user to take care of annoying thing in the game.
  5. HOPE DIAMOND: We can call it all-rounder accessories. It helps to boost start by three points, heals a portion of the user’s health, etc.
  6. ROLAND MEDAL: This Medal gives permanent stat boost by five points in the games. Users can have this through Dark Net.
  7. REGENT: This accessory helps wearer stat boost by three points and make him/her heavy hitter in the fight when needed. Users can get it through the treasure demon.
  8. VAJRA BELT: This belt is quite useful and can increase one ally’s defense.
  9. EXPEDICATE RING: This ring has so many plus points and helps the user to fight Caroline and Justin.
  10. KNIGHT CREST: This accessory may not have so many powers but it may help the user sometimes by boosting one point.

So, we have our best accessories to beat the SHADOW. Thus all we have to choose the best one and continue!

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