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Percy Jackson To Be Adapted As A Disney Plus Series


David Mudd

This one’s sure to thrill fans of Camp Half-Blood! Rick Riordan confirmed last night there were plans to develop his Percy Jackson books as a Disney Plus series on Twitter. Riordan, for his part, had been campaigning on the behalf of fans to get a Percy Jackson adaption made at Disney Plus. And who could blame him for wanting another stab at the series?

Riordan said in a statement, addressing his fans that he couldn’t give away a lot considering these are early stages. But he did add that he was genuinely excited about the idea of a live-action series of the highest quality. He took a slight dig at Fox’s unfaithful movie adaptions too; saying that the series will follow the stories faithfully beginning with The Lightning Thief in Season One. Riordan also assured fans that he will be involved in every aspect of the show.

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Return To Camp Half-Blood

The Percy Jackson films never really stood out as their own thing. The first film, The Lightning Thief, was released back in 2010 when YA films were all the rage. From the get-go, it was evident that the approach to the series was that of a Harry Potter clone. Hell, they even got Christopher Columbus, who directed the first two Potters, to direct.

Then came Sea of Monsters in 2013, with the film being derided by critics and fans everywhere. Even though both films made a modest profit at the box-office, the other Percy Jackson films were quietly shelved.

Riordan has been vocal about his disdain for those adaptations. When Fox sent him the screenplay for The Lightning Thief, he sent them back 20 pages worth of notes. Fox, of course, chose to disregard them all. It’s a real shame considering that if done right, the Percy Jackson films could have been a goldmine.

But in any case, here we are! This seems like a better option in hindsight anyway. The format of a Disney Plus series affords the series a lot more room to breathe and explore this world of demigods. I just wished it had come a lot sooner than it did!