Pearl Release Date, Cast and Everything We Know So Far?


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Pearl is a prequel to Ti West’s film X which focuses on the creepy titular protagonist. The movie is praised horror film X which premiered earlier this year. And now the new story will focus on the antagonist from the original film. In this movie, you will get to learn more about Pearl’s origin story.

In March 2022, audiences were gifted by the A24 horror gods when Ti West. The movie debuted its latest creation X. The movie follows a young woman named Maxine “Max” who travels via Texas with her producer or boyfriend Wayne who was played by Martin Henderson.

The cast in this movie found a farmhouse which matches what they are searching for and then they ask Howard who is the elderly owner. He is going to rent this house. After some time, they notice the strange behaviour of Howard’s wife who is Pearl.

Pearl is marketed and known as Pearl: The X-traordinary Origin Story. It is an upcoming American film which is directed by Ti West and co-written by West and Mia Goth. Mia reprises her role as the titular character.

The Pearl movie will have its worldwide premiere at the 79th Venice International Film Festival on 3rd September 2022. The movie is scheduled to be released in the United States on 16th September 2022. The distribution of the movie will be done by A24.

What is the Synopsis of Pearl’s Film?

The movie is set at the time of World War II in 1918 and it explores the origins of Pearl. It is a villainous character from X. All the events in this movie have taken place before the previous movie. It also explores how the cabin, where the massacre of X takes place.

Feeling trapped at the isolated family farm, Pearl is tasked with attending to her ailing comatose father, while under the harsh micromanagement of her cruel mother. Lusting after the glamorous life she has seen depicted in the movies, a collision of her ambitions, temptations, and repressions arrives creating the villain she feared she would become.

pearl release date

The Los Angeles Times describe plotline of Pearl as –

“The second film takes place decades earlier and will see Goth diving deeper into the backstory of Pearl as a young woman circa World War I.”

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What Will Be the Cast of Pearl’s Movie?

In this movie, the lead protagonist Pearl will be portrayed by Mia Goth. David Cornswet will appear as Howard.

In addition to this, there are many other characters which include Tandi Wright, Mathew Sunderland and Emma Jenkins-Purro. Their roles are not disclosed yet.

pearl release date

While talking with Fangoria, Ti West said working with Mia Goth:

“I think she understood the duality of the two different characters, she got what the parallels were between them, and she understood what the vibe differences were, too. Mia really understood the contrast of it all and she just was raring to go.”

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What is the Release Date of Pearl’s Movie?

Pearl will have its world premiere at the 79th Venice International Film Festival on 3rd September 3022. The film is scheduled to release in the United States on 16th September 2022. The direct sequel of Pearl is also in process.

According to the Los Angeles TimesX and Pearl were filmed back to back in New Zealand, and Screen Rant reports that Pearl entered post-production in March 2022. Because of that, it’s not surprising the prequel is releasing the same year the original movie came out. Mid-September is also around the time that the spooky season begins, so Pearl will be a nice treat as we all start getting into the Halloween spirit.

pearl release date

Fans are so happy we don’t have to wait until 2023 to see Pearl.

Where Does the Filming of Pearl Do?

As we know, Pearl has already been filmed. While talking about the decision to make both movies back to back, Ti West told the Los Angeles Times –

“Because we were in New Zealand where it was safe, and we had an amazing crew and we were building all this stuff. Coming from TV I thought, ‘so much is amortized, it would be a shame not to…’ But it was a long shot.”

He further continues –

“It was really just betting on, ‘Well, if we write a good script, why would they say no?’ We joked that the most A24 thing we could do with this movie makes two of them. For a studio that is consistently making challenging, progressively interesting, filmmaker-driven [projects], making two movies at the same time fell into the umbrella of what’s so cool about what they’re doing.”

Is Their Trailer for Pearl ( Prequel ) Available?

Yes, the full-length trailer of Pearl has been released now. Guys you will get shocked by seeing all the craziness. Go check out below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Story of Pearl About?

Pearl is a prequel to Ti West’s widely praised horror film X, which premiered earlier this year. The new story will focus on the antagonist from the original film where we’ll get to learn more about Pearl’s origin story.

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Pearl is a prequel to X movie which is going to release on 16th September 2022 in the United States. We will surely share all kinds of information regarding this movie if there is any change in this. We hope this information is useful for you guys.