Paul Walker Girlfriend Before He Died: Paul Walker Died in a Fender Bender!


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The less than ideal passing of Paul Walker at age 40 sent the world faltering. The serene actor kept his life extremely hidden, yet his death exposed his relationship with long-term girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, who was 23 when he died in a fender bender in 2013.

Yet again five years after the fact, in 2018, a narrative specifying Walker’s life, called I’m Paul Walker, brought up issues about who Walker’s first love was.

Here’s what we realize about Paul Walker’s girlfriend, whether or not she showed up in that frame of mind about his life, and where she is 7 years after his death.

She Began Dating Walker When She Was 16.

When Walker was 33, he met Pilchard-Gosnell … who was 16 at that point.

Yet, like Aaliyah and R. Kelly — and Walker’s ex Aubrianna Atwell who was likewise 16 when they met — Pilchard-Gosnell and Walker thought age was only a number. Also, he said his long-term love was the one.

She went to UC St Nick Barbara.

paul walker girlfriend before he died

While she might have enjoyed the fruit of Walker’s labor for notoriety and fast money subsequent to igniting a sentiment with him when she was only a youngster, Pilchard-Gosnell rather picked to sign up for school in her old neighborhood of St Nick Barbara, keeping up with her own freedom and interests.

She Was Close With Walker’s Girl, Glade.

Pilchard-Gosnell supposedly took on a stepmother job to Walker’s girl Glade, who the late actor imparted to Rebecca McBrain.

Pilchard-Gosnell and Glade just had an eight-year age distinction between them — and she purportedly let it be known of Walker’s death to the high schooler.

Walker’s dear companion Jim Torp uncovered at the time that Pilchard-Gosnell imploded after hearing the news, however got a hold of herself to help Knoll.

“I accept she is the person who educated Knoll regarding what happened, and when she figured out she was crazy and crying,” Torp said.

paul walker girlfriend before he died

“It was simply so miserable. I attempted to do everything I could to help them. Paul’s girlfriend then brought Knoll and drove her back home. I couldn’t say whether they headed to crash site. I simply realize they were in such a lot of misery.”

Knoll Presented a Recognition on Her Late Father on the Seventh Commemoration of His Death.

Walker’s girl, 22, took to Instagram to share an image of her and her “closest friend” in rememberance of him.

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“A senseless day to recollect in bitterness. the present a festival of the adoration and joy you brought to the world. here’s a photograph of my dearest friend and I snoozing,” she subtitled the photograph.

Pilchard-Gosnell Was Walker’s Sort.

Pilchard-Gosnell was scarcely at any point spotted with cosmetics on, which is the sort of young lady Walker says he cherished. The actor once purportedly said, “I like low upkeep, regular, open air, bashful young ladies.”

Taking into account their successive excursions to the ocean side and climbs, Walker and Pilchard-Gosnell were an ideal pair.

She Depended on Family To Move Beyond Walker’s Passing.

“Paul was a really hero and Jasmine is separated by this,” Pilchard-Gosnell’s uncle uncovered at the hour of his passing.

paul walker girlfriend before he died

“I went to Thanksgiving with him, played golf with him. They had their high points and low points however they were together and hoping to spend a brilliant future together…” he said. “This is awful information and startling. Her mother is with her and she is encouraging her.”

She Went to Anguish Guiding After Walker’s Death.

In 2014, Day to day Mail announced that Pilchard-Gosnell went to anguish advising to adapt to the misfortune.

“You have to comprehend that she is still horribly injured by Paul’s death and will be for quite a while,” her father told the magazine. “Perhaps one day she’ll be ready to discuss Paul yet she’s not there yet.”

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The Mail revealed that not long after Walker’s death, Pilchard-Gosnell made a Facebook post to detail her sorrow.

“Consistently, in some little way, recollections of you come our direction. However missing, you are at any point close, actually missed, still I will continuously adore you. Find happiness in the hereafter. Love… ” it purportedly read.

She Didn’t Show Up in the I Am Paul Walker Narrative.

Surprisingly, in spite of the fact that Pilchard-Gosnell seemed, by all accounts, to be a major piece of Walker’s life before his death, she was not highlighted by any means in his narrative, I’m Paul Walker, which focused on Walker’s career and his helpful work.

Yet, the late actor’s very own life was certainly not missing from the film. It incorporated his little girl’s introduction to the world and had a lot of interviews highlighting his loved ones.

paul walker girlfriend before he died

In any case, there are no interviews with Pilchard-Gosnell or with Walker’s ex, Atwell. Truth be told, nothing about the late actor’s heartfelt connections was tended to in the narrative.

This caused hypothesis about whether or not this piece of Walker’s life was passed on out purposefully because of the way that he was known for dating ladies who were underage, a reality that drew some contention after his death.

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Furthermore, in spite of the fact that Pilchard-Gosnell’s nonappearance from the narrative caused a stir, maybe she simply didn’t have any desire to show up in the film.

Where Is Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell Now?

Pilchard-Gosnell has stayed under the radar since the late actor’s death.

Her main online entertainment seems, by all accounts, to be an unsubstantiated Facebook page, which hasn’t posted anything since April 2018.

It’s been a very long time since Paul Walker’s unfortunate death in 2013, however he is as yet a cherished figure among fans for his job in the Quick And Irate movies and for being an overall pleasant person.

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