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Paul Dano is an extremely well-known American actor, director, producer, screenwriter, model, and singer. He was born and raised in the United States. Because of his performance in the road comedy-drama film “Little Miss Sunshine,” he is also known by his stage name, Dwayne Hoover (2000).

In the year 2000, he made his debut as an actor in the film “The Newcomers,” playing the role of Joel. His other well-known film, “There Will Be Blood,” for which he was considered for the award for the best supporting actor by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Paul Dano Networth

It is plain to see that he has amassed a significant amount of experience and reputation in a short amount of time. It is estimated that he has a net worth of approximately $9.5 million US Dollars at this time, which is a surprisingly large figure. He has succeeded in preserving his incredible acting ability over the years.

Additionally, he has an excellent singing voice. He has been the lead guitarist and vocalist for the rock band “Mook” at various points in their history.

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Paul Dano:About Him

Paul was born on June 19, 1984, in New York, United States, into a family that was devoutly Christian. His given name is Paul Franklin Dano, however, he goes by the moniker Paul professionally. His father’s name is Paul A. Dano, and he runs a successful business. His mother’s name is Gladys Dano, and she runs the family household. Sarah Dano is his younger sister, and her name is Dano.

Paul Dano Net Worth


His height is roughly 185 centimetres (1.85 metres) or 6 feet and 1 inch. His weight is approximately 77 kilogrammes. The hair is a light brown tint, and the eyes are a greenish-blue colour. The waist measurement is 32 inches, the chest measurement is 40 inches, and the biceps measurement is 12 inches. Every morning he gets up and goes to the gym. His build is one of leanness and physical fitness (Athletic). The sexual orientation is heterosexual.

He was born in the United States, hence his nationality is American. His family religion is the Christian faith. Christianity is the faith that he follows.

Paul Dano Net Worth

His zodiac sign is Gemini, and nobody knows what caste he belongs to. He does not adhere to a vegetarian diet. He has an extremely devout faith.

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Education and Professional Experience of Paul Dano

Browning School was where he finished off his elementary and middle schooling before transferring to Wilton High School in 2002. After that, he went on to complete his education at Eugene Lang College in New York.

Who Is Paul Dano Dating and His Other Relationships

Since 2007, he has been in a committed relationship with the actress and playwright Zoe Kazan. They currently have a daughter who was born in August of 2018 and their name for her is Alma Bay. This actor has not been in any particularly contentious romantic relationships in the past.

Paul Dano’s Favorite Things and Activities

Orange is his preferred flavour of the fruit, as well as cereals and chips. Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio are two of his favourite actors, and Emma Stone is his favourite actress. Football and basketball are the two most popular sports. The Maldives and Italy are the most favoured travel destinations, and “Early Summer” is the most favoured movie. He enjoys spending time with his pals playing football, and black is his favourite colour.

Paul Dano Net Worth


Playing the guitar, going to the movies, going on adventures, and riding horses are some of his favourite pastimes.

Facebook, Instagram, and a Channel Dedicated to Paul Dano

His enormous popularity can be inferred from the size of this number. At this time, he does not have any official YouTube account; nonetheless, his videos have been released on a great number of unofficial channels.

What About His Wealth

His wealth is estimated to be close to 9.5 million dollars in US currency. His average salary per episode is forty thousand dollars in the United States, whereas his revenue per movie is roughly four hundred thousand dollars. However, his monthly income is seventy thousand United States dollars, and his annual income is around one and a half million United States dollars.

The majority of the money comes from him endorsing other brands. He has been able to accomplish this thanks, in large part, to the remarkable acting skills and fascinating expression he possesses.

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There is currently no information available regarding the overall amount of his wealth. He recently moved in with his girlfriend Zoe Kazan to a sizable apartment in the Boerum Hill neighbourhood of Brooklyn in New York City.