Patriot Season 3- Cancelled or Renewed?

Patriot Season 3 is an American comedy drama TV series which is based on the story of an officer named John. But bad news for the fans it will be cancelled.

Patriot– is an American comedy drama television series. Comedy drama itself creates the sound of energy for all the fans (including me). I like the most all comedian series and hope the same for you.


In case my prediction is wrong, give the name of the series which you like the most in the comment box…

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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.”

Initially Patriot was premiered on 5th November, 2015 on Prime Video. In April 2017, Amazon gave the notice that the series had renewed the 2nd Season which was premiered on 9th November, 2018. Then Amazon declared that they had no plans for the next installment (3rd Season).

We, as the fans are eagerly waiting for the 3rd Season. So, here is everything for all the fans like what happens in it, the casting characters, the release date, the trailer and more……..

Patriot Season 3

What is Patriot Season 3?

Patriot Season 3 is an American comedy drama series. It is created by Steven Conrad, who is popular for his spectacular works like “The Pursuit of Happiness” and “The Secret Life of Water Mitty”.

Have you seen the previous seasons of the series, Patriot? If not, no need to worry. Let me share the IMDb rating of Patriot to specify the popularity of the series.

IMDb Rating of Patriot

The IMDb rating of Patriot is 8.3 out of 10 that signify the demand of Patriot among the fans.

What happens in the 3rd Season of Patriot? | The Storyline of Patriot Season 3

What is Patriot Season 3 about?

The story of Patriot Season 3 spins around the complicated life of an intelligence officer of U.S. named, John Tavner.


John’s latest assignment was to prevent Iran from nuclear explosion. Of course, it was one of the toughest assignments. This assignment requires him to waive his safety nets and a non- office cover which is quite dangerous.

Moreover, John found himself without his bag of 11 million Euros in the 1st Season. Then the 2nd installment reveals about John’s father. Finally, the plot of the 3rd Season of Patriot is quite interesting and the way the story was constructed is the main reason to like this amazing show.

Now, let’s have a look over the casting characters of the show that made it amazing for all the fans (including me).

Cast/ Characters of Patriot Season 3

  • Michael Dorman as John Tavner, an intelligence officer
  • Kurtwood Smith as Leslie Claret
  • Michael Chernus as Edward Tavner, John’s brother and a Texas congressman
  • Kathleen Munroe as Alice Tavner


  • Aliette Opheim as Detective Agathe Albans
  • Chris Conrad as Dennis McClaren
  • Terry O’Quinn as Tom Tavner, John and Edward’s father and a Director of Intelligence
  • Debra Winger as Bernice Tavner, John’s mother and the United States Secretary of Transportation

We all know that characters play a significant role in the progress of Patriot Season 3. So, above mentioned are the main characters that made the series heart touching for us.

I am very eager to know the exact upcoming date of the 3rd Season of Patriot. Don’t you? Give your answer in the comment box….. If you also want then keep on scrolling ………..

The Release Date of Patriot Season 3 | When will it be on our screen?

The 1st two seasons of Patriot series were a great success. They had received praise from the viewers. After the huge success and praise of the show from the fans, Amazon ultimately cancelled the show.

This is one of the bad news for all the fans of Patriot who are waiting for the 3rd Season. Of course for me!

Finally, the show has been cancelled by Amazon. So, there is no release date for Patriot Season 3.

Is there any trailer for Patriot Season 3?

As I told you earlier, the show has been cancelled by Amazon after 2 Seasons. Therefore, there is no official trailer for the Patriot Season 3.

But if you haven’t seen the 2nd Season of Patriot, then you can enjoy Patriot Season 2 by the video given below:

Now the question arises in my mind and even you have the same …..…..

Why Patriot Season 3 has been cancelled?

At present, Amazon has not issued any specific reason about why the show cancelled. Besides this, a report that issued by Deadline gave a hint that Michael Dorman, who plays John Tavner has moved to another cast for an upcoming science fiction series with Apple.

So, it is finalized by Amazon that the show for Patriot Season 3 will not renew. If they try to renew this, they have to work around Dorman’s schedule as he is busy with the Apple.

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Final Words

Patriot Season 3 is one of the best comedian drama series whose 2 seasons are in fan’s heart. It reveals the story of an intelligence U.S. officer. But now fans wait for the 3rd Season of Patriot will never get a full stop as it will not be renewed by Amazon.


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