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Paris Hilton Net Worth: Who in the Hilton Family Is the Wealthiest? Updates 2022!

Who is Paris Hilton?

New York-born heiress, socialite, model, actress, and entrepreneur Paris Hilton. Currently, she’s worth $300 million. Paris Hilton is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, creator of the Hilton Hotel Group, but she’s made her own money through endorsements and products. Her licencing enterprise sells Paris-branded apparel, handbags, fragrances, and more. She’s sponsored 17 fragrances worth nearly $2 billion. Most of Paris’ wealth comes from perfume royalties. She earns 20-30% of revenues.


Barron Hilton, Paris Hilton’s grandpa, reportedly changed his will in 2007 to donate 97% of his $4.5 billion fortune to charity instead of his family. Instead of inheriting $190 million each, about two dozen people split 3% of $4.5 billion. $135 million, or $5.6 million per person.


Paris Whitney Hilton was born in New York City on February 17, 1981, to Kathy and Richard Hilton. Her siblings include Nicky Hilton. Conrad Hilton, her great-grandfather, created Hilton Hotels. The family lived in Manhattan, the Hamptons, and Beverly Hills. She grew up with Ivanka Trump, Nicole Richie, and Kim Kardashian. Michael Jackson’s buddies often attended his gigs. She attended Professional Children’s School at age 15, then Provo Canyon School for emotionally challenged teens. She got a GED.


She was signed to T Management when she was in elementary school. She’s modelled for Ford Models, Guess, Christian Dior, and Marciano, among others. By 2001, she was still modelling and courting media attention for her wild lifestyle and high-profile flings. 2001’s New York’s Leading IT Girl. In January 2018 she modelled Kanye West’s Yeezy 6 Collection, and in February 2019 she modelled for Phillip Plein’s Plein Sport campaign.

Simple Life and Sex Tape

Unauthorized sex tapes of Paris and then-boyfriend Rick Salomon leaked online in November 2003. Salomon advertised and sold “1 Night in Paris” in April 2004, collecting millions as Paris sued. Hilton received $400,000 from the video, according to reports.

Hilton’s first reality show appeared three weeks after the controversial video. She and Nicole Richie starred in “The Simple Life,” a reality show in which they worked blue-collar jobs and milked cows. The sex video controversy threatened to end the programme before it started and alienate spectators, but it was a big success.

Due to the sex tape and reality programme, new doors opened: Guess asked her to feature in three worldwide campaigns, and Jimmy Fallon interviewed her on “SNL” about the Salomon tape incident. “The Simple Life” was hailed for its humour and self-awareness over five seasons. Hilton’s show helped launch reality TV. Paris has made guest appearances on TV and in films.


Hilton and Merle Ginsberg wrote “Confessions of an Heiress” in 2004. The critically condemned book made the NY Times best-seller list. She also started a perfume line and nightclub franchise. She began developing her own jewellery line and published “Your Heiress Diary: Confess It All To Me” in 2005. In 2006, Hilton released her first self-titled album. In 2014, she was the highest-paid female DJ, according to Time Magazine.

Media personal

Much media attention has focused on Hilton’s party girl heiress image and clichés of “dumb blond”, “valley girl”, and artificiality. “That’s hot” was her signature one-liner. It was a difficulty in her profession when she needed to be respected as a businesswoman. Her “heyday” was 2003-2009. The Huffington Post said her tabloid reign ended in 2007. Hilton has millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram.


In September 2006, Hilton was arrested for DUI and placed on probation. She violated her probation by driving with a suspended licence a few months later. Her 45-day sentence was reduced to 23. She turned herself in after the 2007 MTV Movie Awards on June 3. She was released early after only 3 days served due to health reasons (several reports said she was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks), but was later brought back to court and compelled to serve out the rest of her term in jail.

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Paris has been spotted with numerous prominent actors and musicians. Paris dated model Jason Shaw in 2002-2003. She was engaged to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis for four months. Her engagement to actor Chris Zylka (who proposed with a $2 million ring) terminated in November 2018.

Paris dating venture capitalist Carter Reum.


Paris bought a property in Sherman Oaks for $5.9 million in 2007. “Bling Ring” burglarized this residence. She had $6.2 million Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills homes.

Paris purchased a $4.9 million Manhattan apartment in 2014.

Paris and Carter Reum bought a Malibu coastal home for $8.4 million in 2021.

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