Paramount Plus Review 2023: Features, Cost and Supported Device


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Paramount+, which used to be called CBS All Access, is Paramount Global’s long-running foray into the world of streaming. It has almost all of Paramount Global’s channels, like CBS, BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and Smithsonian, as well as a variety of other titles that change over time.

Paramount+ is different from other on-demand streaming services with similar prices because it has both a large library of content and a wide range of live sports content. Here you can find a little bit of everything, from Star Trek and Top Gun: Maverick to Champions League soccer and NFL football. Find out if Paramount+ is right for you by reading on.

Paramount Plus Cost

There are two standard Paramount+ plans that users can choose from, and the Paramount+ prices are as follows: The Essential plan, which is supported by ads, costs $5/mo., and the Premium plan, which gets rid of ads for most on-demand content, costs $10/mo. Prospective subscribers can also buy an annual subscription for each of these plans and save about 25% of what they would have paid for a monthly subscription.

So, if you pay once a year, how much does Paramount+ cost? The price of the Essential plan is $50 per year. The Premium plan, on the other hand, will cost you $100 per year. Both of these plans are good for people who want to save a few dollars every month, because they take 16% off what the monthly plan costs. You can also use a seven-day Paramount+ free trial to try the service for free.

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Paramount Plus Vs Other Streaming Platform

Paramount+ Hulu Netflix Disney Plus
Starting monthly price $5/Month $8/Month $7/Month $8/Month
Free trial length 7 Days 30 Days NA NA
On-demand titles (Yes/No) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live TV Yes Yes No No
Offline downloads Yes Yes Yes Yes

Since its 2014 launch as CBS All Access, Paramount+ has positioned itself as a one-stop shop for Paramount Global’s flagship programming. The service’s catalogue is outstanding, with exclusive originals from family-friendly networks such as Nickelodeon, original programming from the Paramount network, and an extensive collection of iconic Paramount films.

Paramount+ is the only streaming service that provides access to practically all CBS programs. Hence, whether you want to watch complete seasons of NCIS, The Neighborhood, or Frasier, this service is ideal for you.

The service is less expensive than a standard membership to Hulu, Netflix, or Disney+. Subscriptions for Paramount+ begin at $5/month and include a free 30-day trial to get you started. Only Hulu now provides a superior free trial among on-demand streaming services.

This is significant since it demonstrates the service’s dedication to affordability. This is further demonstrated by the Paramount+ student discount, which offers students a 25% discount on the Basic plan. This isn’t nearly as excellent as Hulu’s $2/month student plan, but it’s still a wonderful price, especially if you want to watch exclusive Paramount+ content like Star Trek: Picard or Champions League soccer. The streaming service also provides a wonderful deal for Showtime fans, allowing you to bundle both programs for only $12 per month.

Yet, Paramount+ has been able to compete with these other streaming titans due to its variety. It is the only service that allows you to view new exclusives such as The Offer and every Star Trek series, as well as live sports from the NFL, Masters, Serie A, National Women’s Soccer League, and more. Hulu is the only other service listed above that allows you to watch live sports, but you will need a Hulu Plus Live TV subscription (starting at $70/month) to do so.

Paramount Plus Notable Features

Paramount+ has the same specifications and services as CBS All Access; the rebranding did not include any significant changes.

Paramount Plus Review 2023 Features, Cost and Supported Device

In addition, Paramount+ has a variety of extra functions to satisfy consumers. All Paramount+ packages include a handful of live TV channels and options, so you may utilise your subscription to watch several local news programs and live sporting events. Depending on the schedule, sports fans may tune in to NFL, SEC, and March Madness events, among others.

Individuals who wish to remain current on news and other local subjects may access entire episodes of CBS Saturday Morning, 60 Minutes, and the CBS Evening News. Paramount+ is marketed as an on-demand streaming service, but its live TV services make it so much more. Also, the Premium package includes access to your local CBS station.

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Paramount Plus Supported Devices

  • Apple TV
  • Apple iPhone and Apple iPad
  • Android TV (Google TV)
  • Android smartphones and tablet
  • Google Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Facebook Portal TV
  • Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
  • Samsung TV (Tizen)
  • Vizio TV
  • LG TV
  • Roku
  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S
  • Xfinity devices
  • Cox Contour

Is Paramount Plus Worth It?

Paramount Plus Review 2023 Features, Cost and Supported Device

Paramount+ will appeal to streamers in search of unique material such as the whole Star Trek library, CBS original series and Paramount blockbusters, and Champions League soccer. Nevertheless, it is far more than that. With programming from Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, BET, and Smithsonian, along with a rotating selection of new and vintage films, Paramount+ has something for everyone.

Why settle for a streaming service that only offers movies when you can subscribe to a service that offers movies, TV series, sports, animation, and anything else? Finally, the service provides everything that might be desired in a streamer at a reasonable price.

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