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David Mudd

Pandemic In UK: Huge Jump In Deaths In A Day, Death Toll Crosses 1000

Pandemic In UK: Yesterday we got to know that the Prime Minister of the UK is Corona positive. The UK is the country that said that they would send this virus back in 12 weeks, and now, they are getting into worse conditions. According to the latest reports by world meters, more than 1000 people died in the country. They are trying their best to control the spread, but nothing is working out.

More Ventilators And Bed Needed In UK (Pandemic In UK)

According to the current situation in the UK, they need more beds for quarantining positive patients. The death toll is increasing every day, and that is why they need more ventilators. There will be a time when they will run out of ventilators, and most of their critical patients will die. 


That will not be because of Coronavirus, but that will be because of a lack of resources in UK. They have excellent healthcare infrastructure, but Italy also had that, they are now unable to contain the deaths.

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What To Do Now?

India and some other countries are in the stage where they will enter phase 3 anytime. Now, that is scary, and it is based on the citizens now. All the people must stay inside and take care.

The world is going through a pandemic, and now it is our responsibility to save each other. We are always in fear, and we are warning you with most of our posts, please don’t move out of your house.

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Learn Cooking Or Grow New Plants (Pandemic In UK)

There are so many things that you people can do at this time. You can learn cooking, or you can grow plants in your gardens. Do something that will keep you positive and will make you stay away from the world. This is the time that needs our patience, and that is why do what makes you feel calm. Try cooking if that is what you love, or spend some time with your favourite books. 


People are dying faster than ever. This is a nightmare that came true. We hope that this wrong dream get’s over and we can see our world back again. Until then, stay safe, stay inside. Just keep yourself strong; we will go through this.