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Pandemic In Russia: Moscow Mayor Says Russian Coronavirus Data Not Accurate

Pandemic In Russia: The outbreak of coronavirus is massive. Also, it has hit a lot of general population. But, some countries have handled it well. Data of coronavirus victims from Russia has been very positive. But, it also raised many eyebrows.

People got sceptical about how can Russia be this safe from the pandemic. However, the Mayor of Moscow has said that the data presented to the world is not accurate. This news is very shocking. Coronavirus is a pandemic the world is going through.

Pandemic In Russia

Everyone is trying to support the other in the best possible way. If the wrong news is spread amongst this, it is not good.

Moscow’s Mayor’s Saying (Pandemic In Russia)

The mayor of Moscow has said that the official data is inaccurate. This is because of a lack of proper testing of those infected. The mayor has tried to warn the President, Vladimir Putin. He said that the current reports don’t show what the actual condition is.

Also, people should stay secure. The actual trouble is not yet seen. However, he says that the country will face major trouble very soon. This admission from the official authority is threatening. This can mean that a major situation may develop.

It is important to take a complete note of the present situation. Also, the government should be prepared for what to do next.

Pandemic In Russia

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Current Condition In Russia (Pandemic In Russia)

Russia has currently not seen many patients. This is what its data inflects. So far only 500 people are infected. However, the mayor has inflicted that about double the figure is true.

So, the government should take precautions. The risk of this pandemic is very high. Putin government should put adequate efforts to find out the actual case. Also, the mayor has warned of a serious situation ahead. So, the government should accurately test people.

Pandemic In Russia

Why Get Alerted?

This pandemic is not something that you take lightly. The government needs to be prepared for what’s ahead. So, being aware of the current situation is very important.

But the problem is largely the lack of equipment. So, it is advised that proper equipment be used to check people. Also, necessary measures are taken to ensure everyone remains safe.

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