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Pandemic In NYC: The New York Liquor Shops Not To Shut Down Amid Outbreak

Pandemic In NYC: Liquor shops in New York will not shut down in the cause of pandemic corona. Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered to shut down non-essential businesses. It was to slow down the spread of Corona. Besides, it will break the chain of widening COVID-19. But, by the new report, New York's liquor shops may not be closed.

After the governor's order, most of the liquor shops and bars were already closed. Besides, restaurants also closed except for delivery and takeout purposes. Non-essential businesses including car production factories were also closed after the order.

Pandemic In NYC

Orders To Break The Chain (Pandemic In NYC)

Cuomo issued the order on Friday. It was to shift all the trivial works to the home and work there. Most of the people were already in quarantine. Excluded businesses are grocery stores, news media, pharmacies, and hospitals. He did not specifically tell about the liquor business in the order. However, the liquor Association of New York said that liquor is an essential thing now. So, it will remain open. They posted on its website telling people to not reduce your workforce.

Pandemic In NYC


Barbershops and tattoo parlours were already closed on Saturday. It is because they could not provide services during social distancing. People mostly cleared grocery shops by collecting food items to stay at home. Although liquor has also remained as essential to many people.

Liquor shop owners said that the people are buying up whatever they can. An alcohol delivery service told that their sales got increased by 50%. Liquor delivering business is on fire since the virus began to spread. Sales on wine, beer and liquor increased 300 to 500 per cent in Chicago, Boston, and Seattle. Liquor business owners say people are hunkering down for alcohol.

Pandemic In NYC


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