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Pandemic In NYC: New York Becomes The Epicentre Of The Pandemic Outbreak

Pandemic In NYC: So, you thought China was the one where Coronavirus affected most people and Wuhan was the most affected city, no. If we are talking about a country, then Italy has more deaths than China, if we are talking about positive cases, States Of America are growing so fast that it will soon beat China. NYC is the place which has more than 5% of total positive patients in the world.

Cases in NYC are increasing like fire, and we can say that they will soon become the city with the most number of positive cases. China has done a fantastic job in wiping out the virus from most of their cities. According to WHO, Wuhan, the city that was most affected because of it, they don’t have many recent positive cases, and patients are recovering. What can be better, they are not facing many deaths. It will be soon out of their country.

Pandemic In NYC

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New York Has To Face More Than Wuhan (Pandemic In NYC)

China government had to lock down Wuhan completely to control the situations, and people were not allowed to leave their home. NYC is facing worse cases; the towns and villages around it are in the same conditions. Indeed, people can’t go out so the situations will be in control in somedays but, there are chances that in the houses there are Covid-19 positive people, and they will spread it to their families.

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India Leading The Way, They Need To Learn

India is the second biggest country in terms of population, and they are dealing with the same problems. There is one thing that they are doing a great job, and they are locking down their cities even if they see 2 cases there. The country is going into total lockdown from 25th March and that too for 21 days. 

Pandemic In NYC

Italy Is Becoming An Example, To Take The Virus Seriously (Pandemic In NYC)

Italy is the country with the most number of deaths over the world by Coronavirus. They didn’t take the virus very seriously in its initial stages, and they are now facing the consequences. They are doing everything that they can, they have locked down, and even after that, nothing is happening. The death rates are not slowing. Every country needs to understand now, take it seriously or it will be like Italy.

Pandemic In NYC