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Is Pacific Rim 3 Going To Happen?

Pacific Rim 3: Is the monster movie reprising for the third time? Read on to know more!

Do you love science-fiction stories? Do you have a curiosity for the unknown? Then this is the right place for you because we have got the latest news about Pacific Rim 3 that you would want to know.

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It has been three years since the second release of Pacific Rim and we are still waiting for the official announcement of Pacific Rim 3. Fans are also eager to watch the threequel because the story has not ended after all and it hints at a final release.

The first movie of the Pacific Rim franchise was released in the year 2013 which featured a Sci-Fi story based on the idea of giant robots. The sequel to this, Pacific Rim:Uprising,was released in the year 2018 with more powerful visuals.

Stay tuned to know about the news about Pacific Rim 3!

Will Fans Get A Pacific Rim 3?

After three years of the second installment, it looks like the director Guillermo del Toro has no immediate plans for Pacific Rim 3. There could be many reasons for this, but one of the probable reasons is that the second part of the movie received mixed reviews from the audience which asked the makers to take a step back because it is a big budget movie after all.

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The first movie grabbed a lot of attention and love from the audience but the second part did not bring desirable results, therefore the makers have stated that currently there are no plans for Pacific Rim 3.

Acclaimed director Steven S. DeKnight, better known as del Toro introduced the amazing concept of ‘Jaegers’ on screen, which the fans love the most. The war with giant robots is action-packed and leaves all of us in awe, isn’t it?

Of course, it is evident that Pacific Rim isn’t entirely concluded. The last installment has left some strings dangling, though Pacific Rim 3 might continue in a different medium. Also the movies itself present a lot of story to tell which definitely does not put an end to Pacific Rim 3.

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It seems that the storyline is not the reason for Pacific Rim 3’s delay, but because of other behind the scene problems that matter. As mentioned, it is a big budget project so all the inputs and outcomes are important.

This is surely disheartening for the Pacific Rim fans, especially because it has so much to tell as a Sci-Fi story within its own world. Though the makers hinted at a threequel but the mystery of Pacific Rim 3 remains unsolved.

What Is The Plot Of Pacific Rim 3?

In the months following the release of the second movie, director del Toro revealed a few story ideas for Pacific rim 3 even though he didn’t make its release official. But his recent comments leave the world in question. 

There is no official announcement for the plot of Pacific Rim 3 as the movie is still not in development. But there are two possible plotlines that are available at the moment.

Pacific Rim 3: Into The Breach, probably set in the 2040s where the Earth’s forces and the Jaegers are said to open up a breach into the world of Kaiju and go there to capture the prosecutors before they find their way to overpower Earth. Isn’t that exciting?

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Another possible plotline is a feature of the fusion Pacific Rim 3 and the Monster Verse, especially Godzilla and the Kong. However, the director clarified that this idea is not actually suitable for the third installment because he wants it in a different way.


While del Toro stated earlier that if the second installment would bring desirable results, they would return for Pacific Rim 3. As per his statement in January 2021, he said there is no plan for it now.

We know this is a bit disappointing for all the fans and for us as well. We also agree that there is a lot more to tell for the story to continue because the second part of the movie has a lot of cliffhangers. 

Are you hoping for Pacific Rim 3? Don’t lose your hope because anything can happen in the entertainment industry. Who knows there is an announcement for Pacific Rim 3 sooner or later, isn’t it? 

Also we think you would want to see what is intended for our favourite character, Mako Mori, isn’t it? But before that the makers have plans to release the anime version Pacific Rim: The Black sometime in the earlier months of the coming year on Netflix, which is going to spread upon the two movies. 

Don’t lose hope! The success of the anime series might lead to Pacific Rim 3. Anything can happen anytime and the makers might change plans! 

Tell us if you also think Pacific Rim 3 is a must for the story to actually conclude. Or are you satisfied with two installments? Let us know in the comments section below.

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