What is the Potential Release Date, Cast and Trailer of Ozark Season 5?


Aditi Deshinge

Ozark is a crime and drama television show of the American region. The show consists of crime drama as well as thriller movies. Viewers have responded pretty well to the presentation because on IMDb the show has got 8.5 rating out of 10.

As of now, the first part has broken numerous records but second part is yet to be broadcasted. However, even before the second season of Ozark is out, there are speculations regarding Ozark season 5.

In this article you are going to know everything regarding Ozark season 5. Therefore read out this entire article to get to know about potential release date, cast and trailer of Ozark season 5.

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Is Ozark Season 5 Coming?

No, Ozark is not going to coming up with Ozark season 5. It explains why there will not be an Ozark season 5. No television show can continue for an unlimited number of seasons. And No matter how famous a show is, it is always made to run for several seasons as well as episodes regardless of its huge viewership.

No matter how wide the fanbase is, the story cannot be extended beyond its reasonable limits. If something is meant to an end, it is going to finish without any of ifs and buts. Therefore, such a high octane show which might be lost when the show is extended a lot longer than its necessary.

Ozark season 5 release date

The fourth season of the show is the last season of the series and it was released on 21st January, 2022. The last season of the show is going to release in two parts whereas first part of it is released and there is still no any update of second part of the show.

Now, people are eagerly waiting for the second part of the show which is still in the process of making. We will surely update this section of our article when we get exact update regarding the release of the second part. So stay tuned with us.

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What is the Release Date of Ozark Season 5?

There is no Ozark season 5 because the fourth season is the last and final season of the series as per reports. Only a few months after the first instalment Ozark season 4part 2 will be released on Netflix in April may be.

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Netflix has released the third season of Ozark on 27th March,2020 and you people can watch it now. As per the reports, Ozark season 1 has been released on Netflix on 21st January 2022. And Ozark season 2 will be released on 29th April 2022.

Ozark season 5 release date

As soon as we get information about the Ozark season 5 we will surely post it on our website so stay connected with us.

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What is the Trailer of Ozark Season 5?

Netflix has released the teaser for Ozark season 4 part 2 on 29th March 2022. The teaser is as dark, deep and commendable as it is possible to create a film trailer. In the teaser there are numerous frightening aspects. But the assassination attempt by Ruth is the one that caught everyone surprise. So check out the teaser for the same in given video below. Hope you enjoy it guys.

The teaser also features numerous passionate exchanges between Marty and Wendy which provides the idea that Wendy is in a stronger position this time around. And she is determined not to be defeated.

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What Will Be the Cast and Characters of Ozark Season 5?

Well, Ozark season 5 is not declared officially yet so we are not sure it is going to happen or not. But even though it is going to happen then cast from Ozark season 4 mostly return back. Therefore the speculated cast might be as follows –


  • Jason Batemanas Martin “Marty” Byrde, a self-employed financial advisor based in Chicago in 2007, when he and his business partner begin to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel[6]
  • Laura Linneyas Wendy Byrde (née Davis), Marty’s wife, and a public relations operative for political campaigns. She becomes an advance person and stager for a local realtor, and then a lobbyist for Marty’s proposal to build a casino.
  • Sofia Hublitzas Charlotte Byrde, Marty and Wendy’s daughter
  • Skylar Gaertner as Jonah Byrde, Marty and Wendy’s adolescent son
  • Julia Garneras Ruth Langmore, a young woman who is part of a local criminal family
  • Jordana Spiroas Rachel Garrison (seasons 1–2; recurring season 4), owner of the Blue Cat lodge and bar and Marty’s reluctant business partner
  • Jason Butler Harneras Roy Petty (seasons 1–2), an FBI agent investigating Marty
  • Esai Moralesas Camino “Del” Del Rio (season 1), a lieutenant for Mexico’s Navarro drug cartel
  • Peter Mullanas Jacob Snell (seasons 1–2), an established local heroin producer and the area’s crime boss
  • Lisa Emeryas Darlene Snell, Jacob’s wife and partner in the heroin business
  • Charlie Tahanas Wyatt Langmore (seasons 2–4; recurring season 1), Russ’s elder son and Ruth’s cousin
  • Janet McTeeras Helen Pierce (season 3; recurring season 2), a Chicago-based attorney who represents the Navarro cartel
  • Tom Pelphreyas Ben Davis (season 3; guest season 4), Wendy’s brother who has bipolar disorder
  • Jessica Frances Dukes as Maya Miller (seasons 3–4), an FBI forensic accountant investigating the Byrdes’ casino business
  • Felix Solis – as Omar Navarro (season 4; recurring season 3). The leader of the Mexican drug cartel for whom the Byrdes are laundering money
  • Damian Young- as Jim Rattelsdorf (season 4; recurring seasons 2–3). A wealthy lawyer and Wilkes’ right-hand man who becomes an ally of the Byrdes
  • Alfonso Herrera- as Javier “Javi” Elizondro (season 4), Navarro’s hotheaded nephew and lieutenant for his cartel
  • Adam Rothenbergas Mel Sattem (season 4), a disgraced former cop turned private investigator