Owari No Seraph Season 3: Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed?


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Seraph Of The End, also known as Owari No Seraph Season 3 . It is one of the most popular Dark fantasy series of the last decade. It has attracted a large following both in Japan and abroad. All because of its excellent cast and stunning animation. However, the fun and frenzy were short-lived once the franchise’s second season ended. And no new season has been released since. As one would expect, the fanbase went bananas over it. They further began looking for reasons why the next installment hadn’t been released yet.

You’re one of them, right? Great! Because here is the one-stop-shop for all your inquiries. Further concerning Seraph Of The End’s upcoming season, Owari No Seraph Season 3 . When will the third season premiere? Are there any forthcoming Owari No Seraph Season 3 announcements?

owari no seraph season 3

Who will be in the cast? There would be answers to a slew of other questions as well. So gather your favorite husbandos and join us as we begin our Owari No Seraph Season 3 analysis. But, before we get deeper into this series and its sequel. Let’s take a look at the information we currently have. Let’s review everything we know about Seraph Of The End so far to make sure we’re on the same page.

Owari No Seraph Season 3 : Everything We Know So Far

Seraph Of The End, also known as “Owari No Seraph,”. It is a two-season TV anime that premiered in 2015. The first episode aired on April 4 of that year. While the final episode of season 1 aired on June 20 of that year. This, however, was not the end of the story. The second season premiered on October 10, 2015, and concluded on December 25, 2015.

Many people do not consider the second season, “Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen”. Or “Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya,” to be a separate season. Instead, they approach it as if it were the first season’s second half. However, in order to prevent misunderstanding. We will refer to ‘Battle In Nagoya’ as “Season 2” rather than “Season 1 Part 2.”

In any case, both seasons lasted 12 episodes and were directed by Tokudo Daisuke and animated by WIT Studio. The anime adaptation of a manga is the subject of this series. Kagami Takaya and Furuya Daisuke wrote the manga. Yamamoto Yamato drew it.

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Kagami Takaya is the author of several mangas and light novels. The most well-known of which is The Legend of the Legendary Heroes and A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives. On the other hand, Furuya Daisuke was in charge of the Kure-nai and Scared stories.

Last but not least, artist Yamamoto Yamato’s work can be seen in works such as Denpa-Teki Na Kanojo, Gelatin, and Kure-nai. When it comes to post-apocalyptic or ancient environments. WIT Studio reigns supreme. This studio is recognized as a force to be reckoned with. It was having programs like Attack On Titan and Vinland Saga under its belt.

Further Information on the Series

Tokudo Daisuke, the director, was responsible for episode directing in popular anime. Just like Banana Fish and Attack On Titan. As a result, we may be assured that our man is well-versed in his field. All of the workers and equipment are now free.

Let’s go through the series’ plot again quickly. Seraph Of The End is set in a world that has been infected with a horrible virus. Initially, it appears to be a regular world with everyday life. But a mysterious virus infects mankind and causes it to go extinct. It’s nearly extinct. The problem is that this virus is only fatal to individuals above the age of 13. Thus youngsters were spared from the tragedy.

owari no seraph season 3

However, these survivors are not yet free. They are currently held captive by Vampires. He is who lurked in the shadows when humans were there. However, now that mankind has perished, vampires. It has risen to the surface and taken control. Yuuichirou Amane (aka Yuu) was one of those youngsters because of family problems. He was sent to the Hyakuya orphanage just as the virus was spreading.

Following the virus event, Vampires kidnapped his whole orphanage and its children. Further including his best friend Mikaela Hyakuya (aka Mika). Years have passed, and a new civilization has emerged. In which vampires reign supreme and feed on the blood of those they have enslaved. Humans gain shelter and nourishment as a result of this transaction. It’s not a great lot, but Yuu isn’t ready to live his life in this manner.

What More Do You Need to Know

He wants to be free and connect with the outside world. This is where vampires do not rule. His present family consists of Hyakuya orphans who were also kidnapped. And he desires for their release as well. Mika genuinely cares for Yuu and his family. So he sets out to discover a way out of this hellish world.

However, they are unable to do so due to the failure of their previous attempt to flee. When Yuu, Mika, and other family members attempted to flee. Ferid Bathory apprehended them and killed the entire family. Yuu is lucky in that he is able to flee the scene. But his loved ones are not so fortunate.

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Yuu, enraged and in agony, promises to destroy all of the vampires who have made his life a living nightmare. And, much to his amazement, he isn’t on his own. It turns out that the virus didn’t completely wipe off mankind. And a few adults managed to escape. The vampire survivors who were not abducted are determined to use dark magical powers. In order to reclaim their world. The Moon Demon Company, which approached You for help. This is one of the premier businesses in this field.

Yuu is now a member of the organization, and he is looking forward to realizing his ambition. The desire to revenge his family’s murder by killing all those disgusting vampires. So that’s all for the summary weebs. And I’m guessing that’ll be plenty to get us started on our analysis. Now that we’ve established that we’re on the same page. The best course of action is to keep an eye out for formal announcements.

Owari No Seraph Season 3 Official Announcements and Release Date

Official announcements are the best place to go if you’re looking for a sequel. Suppose an anime has any release dates or pronouncements made by the studio. Then the sequel will happen regardless of what happens.

owari no seraph season 3

Is it also the case with Seraph Of The End? Are there any official Seraph Of The End announcements out yet? Weebs. We’ve run out of luck since no news about the release of Owari No Seraph Season 3 have been made.

There are no trailers, teasers, or announcements available. The people at Studio WIT haven’t provided us with any information. There have been no remarks from the series’ author. Kagami Takaya, or anybody else involved. As awful as that may sound, this is the reality. And there is nothing we can do about it.

Or are we able to? So, as fans. If we want to know the answer to our sequel question. We’ll have to perform some study, analysis, and guesswork. But don’t be concerned! I’ve taken care of everything for you. This page contains every piece of information that should be considered in the event of a sequel. All you have to do now is relax, sit back, and read. Let’s take a closer look and see what we’ve got. Starting with The Manga, which is where it all began.

What Is the Plot of Seraph of the End?

The anime is set in a fictitious universe and follows Yuuichiro Amane, a young man. Amane has had a difficult childhood. They are further having lost both of his parents when he was a child. The whole human civilization is struck by a great calamity while seeking to acclimate. And live a better life in the Hyakuyu Orphanage. A fatal disease suddenly spreads throughout the globe. He also killed everyone over the age of 13. At the same time, children mourn the loss of their loved ones. Vampires who had laid dormant under the surface rise to dominate the earth. This was done by enslaving humans and establishing themselves as rulers of the Earth.

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Yuuichirou, fortunately, manages to escape the massacre and return to the surface. When he reaches the surface. He is spotted by the Imperial Demon Army’s Moon Demon Company. A fearsome human group whose main objective is to exterminate vampires once and for all. He was further liberating mankind from enslavement.

When Yuuichirou reunites with Mikaela, whom he assumed was dead, the narrative changes. Their reunion was not pleasant, in fact. He finds that Mikaela has also turned into a vampire, much to his astonishment. Yuuichirou has even more reasons to loathe vampires, and he vows to grow stronger. And destroy the vampire world that kidnapped his human buddy and caused the earth’s grief. He joins the Imperial Demon Army right away and starts training to kill vampires.

Who Will Appear in Owari No Seraph Season 3?

Yuuichirou, the anime’s main character, will undoubtedly emerge in the next season. Mikaela Hyakuya, Guren Ichinose, Shinoa Hiiragi, Yoichi Saotome. Yuuichirou’s classmate and Moon Demon Company member Shihou Kimizuki. And Yuuichirou’s Moon Demon Company squadmate Mitsuba Sanguu are among the new season’s characters.

Characters to Watch in Seraph of the End Season 3

According to rumors, the third episode of the series would include high-profile vampires. However, a few key characters might return in Owari No Seraph Season 3 .

  • Yuichiro
  • Mikaela
  • Guren Ichinose
  • Shinoa Hiiragi
  • Yoichi Saotome
  • Shihou Kimizuki
  • Mitsuba Sanguu


There is currently no information about a Owari No Seraph Season 3 release date. Or whether a third season will be produced. Part of the reason for the extended wait is because of Seraph Of The End’s first two seasons. It covered almost all of Takaya Kagami’s manga volumes. Owari No Seraph Season 3 . It was shelved due to Wit Studio’s (Attack on Titan) inability to locate new manga to adapt. Kagami has already added almost 40 new chapters to the Seraph Of The End manga series. It further ensures that Wit Studios will be able to continue with the project for a third season.