Overwatch: New Character Confirmed – Blizzard Introduces Echo


David Mudd

Overwatch Characters: Blizzard unveiled its 32nd hero “Echo” for Overwatch. Details about the new hero are available now. Tri-shot Is Echo’s primary skill. She uses energy-based attacks. As her name suggests, she can fire in the shape of a triangle with her hand. The triangle shot can be seen in the climax of the movie “Wanted”.

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Overwatch Characters

She also has a Focusing Beam feature. It helps her to focus on one point and cause much more damage in one shot. Her numerous amount of sticky grenades is a good feature. Sticky grenades are those which stick when she throws it and explodes after a small delay of time.

Most Interesting Aspects Of The Character (Overwatch Characters)

Echo also has some more abilities other than weapon-based advantages. She has wings on her back. However, that helps her to glide or passive fly and hover in the air for a while. Besides, she is described as the most game-changing ultimate ever added by devs. She can transform into the enemy hero and gain all the abilities during the period.

Overwatch Characters

She can take any roles includes from tanks to healers to damage characters. and become crucial in the game at the time of emergency. Blizzard already teased fans with tweets about Echo. An Omnic scientist Dr. Mina Liao is who created the character named Echo. The character was revealed in the Ashe’s revealing trailer.

She is described as a Robot with evolutionary features. Besides, the Echo is programmed with rapidly acclimating artificial intelligence. It will have its own artificially intelligent helper, Alexa. It has no relation to the Amazon assistant product. Above all, According to the developer’s Twitter account, the Echo is built with cutting edge technology. In the reveal video, the Echo says that ” She created me, her promise, her legacy, her Echo”.

Overwatch Characters