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Overwatch League: Major Changes In Game play Effects The League Due To Hero Pools


David Mudd

This year, there are so many big announcements in the gaming industry. From PUBG to Halo, Overwatch, all video games are creating a storm among gamers. Recently, Blizzard Entertainment announced a Hero Pool in their video game OVERWATCH LEAGUE and we need to have a look at it.

What Is the Overwatch League?

In 2015 27th October Blizzard Entertainment initially released a first-person shooter video game OVERWATCH LEAGUE. Overwatch League is developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Chief designers of this game are Jeremy Craig, Micheal Elliott, and Scott Mercer. Though this game was released casually at first, various arcade game modes, characters, maps were introduced later.

Overwatch is a multiplayer game and can be played from Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This game has 30 characters which are known as “Heroes”. Each character has a unique style of play. The player needs to team-up and play together. They need to secure their control point as well as defend in a limited amount of time. Players can have fun also give each other challenges.

Hero Pools In Overwatch

As we mentioned before, Blizzard announced a major change in Overwatch.  This change is known as HERO POOLS. Designers are expecting that this Hero Pools will be a game-changer in Overwatch. And also it will change the gaming experience of the players. Hero Pool is curated by the developers every week.

The Overwatch team collects data every week. Once they have the data of two weeks they can make Hero Pool, randomly pick heroes and ban them. In this way, characters keep rotating. Players need to choose different heroes that they normally wouldn’t pick up. New strategies are also being presented in the game by Hero Pools. Thus, Hero Pool Makes Overwatch League more interesting to players.

Effect Of Hero Pools In League

Hero Pools is having a great effect on the league. In the first week, Players lost Moira, Reinhardt, McCree, and Widow. In the 6th week Soldier 76, Winston, Lucio, and Sombra are banned. That means Overwatch is becoming more interesting with this unavailability of heroes. Hero Pools is getting a positive reaction from the players which was expected.

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