Overwatch: A Cryptic Tweet Teases A Character To Be Added To The Roster


David Mudd

There are so many things that are taking place in the gaming industry. From Pokemon Go to Persona 5 Royal, Halo 5 to PUBG, Cyberpunk all games are going through major changes. From good news to bad, we are having all kinds of announcements. And Overwatch is ready to give a little heart-attack to its players. It looks like Players are going to have their new playable character.

Overwatch 2


As we all know it is a team game. Blizzard Entertainment published and developed this game and released it for Microsoft Windows on 24th May 2016. Along with Microsoft Windows now players can play this game on  PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well.

It was released for Nintendo Switch on 15th October.  It is a multiplayer first-person shooter game with 30 playable characters.

Gameplay Of  Overwatch And Overwatch 2

It is an online role-playing video game. Players will assign in two teams. Each team will have six members, selected from the roster of that 30 players, known as “Heroes”. As it is a team-based game, players need to work together. In limited time they have to defend themselves as well as control points on the map.

Overwatch 2

Blizzard casually launched it in the first place. But after its massive success, they added more modes, maps, and characters in the game.

Now They are planning on its second sequel. The sequel has a “PVE” multiplayer mode. It will allow players to compete with each other. Overwatch 2 will have completely new characters, maps, game modes of its own.

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Rumors About New Characters

The Blizzard Entertainment maybe finally giving us 32nd new character of Overwatch 2. They recently posted a short video on their Twitter. This video is showing us a glimpse of a mysterious character.

The video is showing the “ Dr. Mina Liao’s Personal Blog” where they are mentioning “Athena Prototype”. So, now the biggest question is, who is the character? Is it the Echo or Liao?


However, to get this answer, we have to wait. Overwatch 2 is in under-development now. So, we will have more information about it in the future.