Overgeared Chapter 180 Release Date: Spoiler, Recap, Cast And More!


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Overgeared is a popular manhwa, which is getting attention for its unique plot. Fans are already getting very curious to know the status of Overgeared Chapter 180 release date and more. Without wasting time, let’s have a quick look on Overgeared Chapter 180 release date, plot, recap, spoiler, and many more updates that you need to know so far.

Overgeared Chapter 180 Release Date

Overgeared Chapter 180 is expected to be released on May 21, 2023. Are you excited to read it? Keep reading to know more of Overgeared Chapter 180.

Overgeared Plot

Shin Youngwoo is unlucky and is in debt after buying a video game. After dealing with the feeling of unhappiness, his luck has finally favoring his side to give him happiness.

Overgeared Chapter 180 Release Date

Overgeared Chapter 179 Recap

Chapter 179 follows Hurent who has the technique of ‘Aura’ control as he is a Sword Saint. Even with the distance of many meters, he has ability to recognize the actions. He has the idea of telepathy. A battle was held. Grid was his opponent. The first match was between Grid and Hurent.

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Youngwoo, Yura, and Jishuka were on the PvP roster. When Grid moved five meters away from Hurrent, his body wanted to escape, but could not. Grid closed the distance and showed a revolutionary new sword dance. Hurent used his technique of aura in order to protect.

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Overgeared Chapter 180 Spoiler

The upcoming official plot of the mahwa is not available for now. Stay tuned for upcoming updates. We will update it as soon as it comes. However, one thing we are very sure about is that the manhwa will include interesting twist and turn with the character development of Shin, even though he will face many challenges cause by Hurrent.

Overgeared Chapter 180 Release Date

Overgeared Chapter 180 Characters

  • Grid, The main lead character, and his real name is Shin Youngwoo. A 34 year old man whose luck never worked in his favor, especially in the beginning of manhwa. However, due to the character development, things seem to be in his favor now.
  • Mercedes, a female character, and a legendary knight.
  • Basara, another female character who is in her 40s and is the Empress of the Overgeared Empire.
  • Ruby, a 19 years old and a former student in Young Ladies High School. She is a Professional Gamer.
  • Marie Rose, a vampire and is a descendant of Beriache. She has impacted magical powers.
  • Yura, Daejin Group’s Successor and Grid’s Knight.

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Where To Read Overgeared Chapter 180?

In digital world, it has become very easy to find something on various platforms and hence, you can find out this manhwa to read on many unofficial platforms and sites as well. However, We would like to suggest you to always read it from official website so that makers get all the credits. It is available to read on webtoon.

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Why Is It So Popular?

The Manhwa series Overgeared has been popular since its release date. Many fans have showed their love for Manhwa. With every new chapter, it is getting good reviews and popularity, due to its unique plot, character development and sense of style. The techniques of Aura control, telepathy and more have made it interesting to read.


Overgeared is a popular manhwa. It is expected to be released on May 21, 2023. If you haven’t read this manhwa yet, you can read it. It is available to read on webtoon. There are many more updates that need to be revealed in coming days such as Overgeared Chapter 180 ratings and reviews as well as the storyline. The only possible way to update it is once it gets released, till then stay in touch.

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