Overcoming Self-Doubt At Work: Tips & Tricks


Hadley Bourn

It is very normal to feel doubtful when exploring new territories in life or facing a challenging situation. Especially when starting a new job, a lot of people experience self-doubt and it makes them feel very nervous about their performance.

Having self-doubt can make it difficult to work with your full potential and can ruin your reputation at work. The good news is, it is possible to turn around the situation and develop self-confidence. Here are five ways to conquer self-doubt and get past it in the workplace.

Keep Your Thoughts in Check

Tips for Overcoming Self Doubt

A lot of times people doubt themselves even when they are doing everything right. The problem is that they feed their mind the wrong thoughts. Become aware of what you feed your mind and try to understand where the thoughts of doubt are coming from.

Once you are aware, make sure you feed yourself only positive thoughts and surround yourself with people who increase your confidence. This does not mean being around people who use false flattery but those who show support.

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 Set Realistic Goals

One of the most important steps to overcoming self-doubt is being empathetic towards yourself. Don’t force yourself to do things that you are highly uncomfortable with. Instead set realistic goals that can help you get ahead with confidence.

This requires you to be aware of your responsibilities at work and setting goals for yourself accordingly. These goals should excite you and not make you feel disappointed in case you fail to attain them.

Give Yourself a New Challenge Every Day

Tips for Overcoming Self Doubt

A great way to build confidence is to challenge and push yourself to achieve something more. These can be small challenges that you overcome bit by bit on a daily basis. Watching yourself excel every day even on a small level can create more faith in your abilities.

For instance, if you are prone to making mistakes at work and it makes you doubt yourself, you can set a small challenge for yourself to do a particular task without any errors in a specified time frame. When you are able to accomplish it, reward yourself and set a slightly bigger challenge next time.

Stay on Top of Things

Building confidence becomes easier if you gain more knowledge and stay on top of things. It helps in letting go of self-doubt if you educate yourself in everything that is required from you at the workplace.

For instance, businesses provide L&D opportunities through flexible employee training software to help employees learn new skills. The more you enhance your skills, the higher your chances of overcoming self-doubt and feeling empowered at work.

Give Yourself a Positive Pep-talk

Self-doubt can attack at any time. You may be on your way to deliver a presentation in front of your whole team and at the last moment, you may develop a fear that you will do a poor job. In such situations, it is crucial to engage yourself in positive thoughts so as to distract yourself from any thoughts of failing.

Distracting yourself helps you relax and keep thoughts of self-doubt at bay. In combination, giving yourself a pep-talk can help you affirm to yourself that the challenge at hand is not something that you cannot overcome. It feeds your mind that you can accomplish it.

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Eliminating self-doubt can make it easy for you to grow in your career and your personal life. Use these tips to train your mind to identify situations where you are doubting yourself. Once you learn to recognize such situations, you will be in a better place to take the right course of action for overcoming self-doubt at work.