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Outlander Season 8 is Officially Renewed By Starz

Are you waiting for the seventh season of Outlander to release? Well, the fans of the classical drama series are highly anticipating the release of the seventh season. But ahead of that, a large number of people want to know more about the series. Ahead of the release of the seventh season, the showrunners have officially confirmed that there will be another season of the show, season 8. Yes! It came out as a surprise for many fans who have been waiting to hear the announcement of the seventh season. 

Although season 7 of Outlander has officially been confirmed to release this year, fans were shocked to hear the announcement for the 8th season.  The first season of Outlander was released in 2014. As soon as the first season of the series premiered on Starz,  it made a huge rush among people. The series got a smash hit soon after the release of the first season and people started to wonder about the future of the series.

 There is no doubt that Outlander is one of the most popular shows on Starz.  The popularity of the series can be determined by the number of seasons it has released over the years. As the release of season 8 was announced, people started to wonder about the show.

 With great popular and positive ratings, the series is growing forward and increasing its fan base. In this article, we will be going to study everything about outland season 8. If you are interested to learn about the series then continue reading the article. find out all the latest information about the series and get all the hot details about the upcoming season. 

Outlander Season 8 is officially confirmed by the Officials!

Earlier,  the officials confirmed that the seventh season of the series is in progress. The fans have high expectations of the show and the series has well-balanced everything so far.  The 7th season of Outlander is officially confirmed and the release of the series is currently undergoing.

While the majority of fans are already excited to witness the release of the seventh season, Starz announced that Outlander Season 8 is officially happening soon.  The renewal of seasons 7 and 8 came out surprisingly and fans couldn’t hold their excitement about the series.  As soon as the official confirmed that there will be another season,  people started to rush and find out what it is all about.

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Busby said about the renewal of the show by saying, “For nearly a decade ‘Outlander’ has won the hearts of audiences worldwide and we’re pleased to bring Claire and Jamie’s epic love story to a proper conclusion. But before we close this chapter there is plenty of their passionate story to tell throughout 26 new episodes and even more to explore this dynamic world and its origin story. We’re thrilled to continue to partner with Matthew, Maril, and Ronald and can’t wait to see where their alluring storytelling takes us next.”

 If you are one of those people who are wondering whether there will be another season of Outlander then you are at the right place.  the outline of season 8 has been officially confirmed and is currently in progress.  The return of season 8 brings a lot of questions to the minds of the people and one of them is whether there will be more seasons beyond Season 8 or not. 

Outlander Season 8 Release Date: When is it going to be released?

The 7th season of Outlander is currently under production and is determined to release soon. The officials have announced that the 7th season of the series is currently under production and is set to release this year.

Coming back to the major question which is regarding the release date of the 8th season. As per the official notification, Starz has only announced the confirmation of the show and not delete any official date for its release.

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The show has already been delayed during the Global pandemic. At that time, the 6th season of the series was under production. The covid-19 affected the show and delayed its production which caused the overall delay of the series. 

At the time of writing, everything is going according to plan. As per the official notification, we know that the eighth season of the series is happening but we don’t have any official date regarding it. Outlander season 8 is expected to release in 2024.

Outlander Season 8: Will There Be More Season Beyond Season 8?

As the seventh season is still under progress, the announcement for season 8 came out with a lot of new details. As soon as the fans learned about the renewal of the show, they were intrigued by a lot of new questions. 

One of the most obvious questions that everyone is wondering about, Will the series extend beyond season 8. A large number of fans are wondering about the future of the series, there is no doubt that fans have high expectations with the release of the show. 

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Well, coming back to the question, there are no official details regarding the renewal status of the show beyond season 8. As far as the renewal of the show is concerned, the official will update their fans regarding it. 

There might be a chance for the series to stop its production before season 8. The eighth season of the series can be the last and final season of the show.  During one interview, Robert said, “‘Outlander: Blood of My Blood’ is, at its heart, a love story,” Roberts said. “It will explore what lengths a person will go to find love in a time when love is considered a luxury, and when marriages are made strategically, often for political or financial gain. The title is a nod to Jamie Fraser’s marriage vow to Claire and there will be several names and faces that ‘Outlander’ fans will know and recognize. Jamie and Claire’s TV story may be coming to an end with season eight, but Diana is continuing with their literary journey in her wonderful book series and is working diligently on book ten. With Jamie and Claire, and now Brian and Ellen, there is still so much more to come in the ‘Outlander’ universe, and we cannot wait to continue sharing these stories with our dedicated fans.”

The officials have confirmed that the series’ eighth season will be the last and final. The story is probably going to summarize the it. The confirmation regarding season 8 came out earlier and the news was officially released by Starz. 

Outlander Season 8 Cast: Who will be in it?

The eighth’s son is reportedly bringing all the characters back. In this section, we’ll be going to read about the list of characters that are coming back in the show. Continue reading the article and find out about them.

  • Caitríona Balfe as Claire Fraser
  • Sam Heughan as James “Jamie” Fraser
  • Tobias Menzies as Frank Randall and Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall 
  • Graham McTavish as Dougal MacKenzie and William “Buck” MacKenzie 
  • Duncan Lacroix as Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser 
  • Grant O’Rourke as Rupert MacKenzie 
  • Stephen Walters as Angus Mhor 
  • Gary Lewis as Colum MacKenzie
  • Lotte Verbeek as Geillis Duncan a.k.a. Gillian Edgars 
  • Bill Paterson as Edward “Ned” Gowan 
  • Simon Callow as Clarence Marylebone, Duke of Sandringham 
  • Laura Donnelly as Janet “Jenny” Fraser Murray 
  • Douglas Henshall as Taran MacQuarrie
  • Steven Cree as Ian Murray 
  • Stanley Weber as Le Comte St. Germain 
  • Andrew Gower as Prince Charles Edward Stuart 
  • Rosie Day as Mary Hawkins 
  • Dominique Pinon as Master Raymond 
  • Frances de la Tour as Mother Hildegarde 
  • Nell Hudson as Laoghaire MacKenzie 
  • Clive Russell as Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat 
  • Richard Rankin as Roger MacKenzie 
  • Sophie Skelton as Brianna “Bree” Fraser MacKenzie 
  • David Berry as Lord John Grey 
  • John Bell as Ian Fraser Murray 
  • César Domboy as Fergus Claudel Fraser 
  • Lauren Lyle as Marsali MacKimmie Fraser 
  • Richard Dillane as Captain Raines
  • Edward Speleers as Stephen Bonnet 
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy as Jocasta MacKenzie Cameron
  • Colin McFarlane as Ulysses 
  • Natalie Simpson as Phaedre
  • Tantoo Cardinal as Adawehi 
  • Caitlin O’Ryan as Lizzie Wemyss 
  • Braeden Clarke as Kaheroton 
  • Gregory Dominic Odjig as Satehoronies 
  • Billy Boyd as Gerald Forbes 
  • Carmen Moore as Wahkatiiosta 
  • Tom Jackson as Tehwahsehwkwe 
  • Yan Tual as Father Alexandre Ferigault 
  • Sera-Lys McArthur as Johiehon 
  • Chris Larkin as Richard Brown 
  • Ned Dennehy as Lionel Brown 
  • Mark Lewis Jones as Tom Christie 
  • Glen Gould as Chief Bird 
  • Simon R. Baker as Still Water
  • Gail Maurice as Tsotehweh 

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