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Outer Banks Season 2 : Plot | Release Date


David Mudd

Netflix original series Outer Banks Season 2 is an unexpected delight for its new viewers. Netflix’s array of shows never cease to amaze us and Outer Banks is a refreshing example of this. The show has already launched its first season. Its growing popularity has earned it a second season as well. 

Outer Banks seems to be an ambitious project which keeps the viewers hooked to the last moment. This dramatic island mystery received the green light for the second season before the official debut of season 1. This exciting article here will cover everything about the brand new season 2. 

We are here to tell you everything you need to know about Outer Banks season 2, release date, the cast and the plot with a quick recap of season 1. 

The Pogues and The Kooks 

Let us introduce you to the teams. The Pogues are — John B, Sarah Cameron, JJ, Kie, Cleo and Pope. They are the labour class; the lowest members of the food chain. The class distinction between the Pogues and the Kooks was always prominent in season 1. 

The Kooks live on the North Side of the beach and they are spoiled rich kids who do things just because they can and nobody ever stops them. 

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Outer Banks Season 1: A quick recap 

The storyline is set on the sun-drenched North Carolina beach. The plot revolves around the rivalry between the teams of island boys. The Pogues, who are the working class island dwellers and the Kooks are the wealthy side of the island. 

Season 1 has mostly been about the competition between the two groups over a 400 million dollars gold that was supposed to be inside the Royal Merchant Navy.

But it is easier said than done. Season 1 had a lot of stormy moments. It made us believe that John B and Sarah died in a boat capsize and all their toys go down with their dead bodies. 

Outer Banks Season 2 

Season 2 has been a relief to us for many reasons. First of all, it confirms that John B and Sarah are not dead. They are on their way to the Bahamas. So we expect multiple picturesque scenes taking place in the Bahamas. Another huge revelation of season 2 is that John B.’s father, Big John who disappeared 9 months ago. 

John B yet has no clue of this. Fans speculate his reaction when he will get to the truth. The news of Big John’s being alive is the biggest reveal as of yet. We are left with a lot of questions as to what had prompted him to leave his son behind. 

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The Pogues Friendship in Outer Banks

a picture from the set of outer banks
Featuring the cast from the set of Outer Banks!

John B is the charismatic leader of the Pogues. The rest of the members of the team are his best friends. He grew up with them. Nobody understands him better than them. 

JJ and Kiara 

JJ and Kiara are the oldest friends of John B. They are the crazy partners in crime. John did have a crush on Kiara and tried to kiss her once. She did not reciprocate and has been looking out for John B ever since. The bond between JJ and John is unbreakable. They often say that they mean a lot to each other and will do anything for each other. 

Pope of Outer Banks

Pope is the brains behind the team. He too shares a strong bond with John B. At the same time, he has a crush on Kiara and once he lashed out at his friend’s fir making everything about John B. 

Sarah Cameron

Sarah is the daughter of Wade Cameron. He adopted John B to get more information from him about the gold. Cameron’s mask of care and righteousness fall off when he tries to pin down murder charges on John B. 

But this animosity does a little for Sara and John B’s relationship. They both fall in love and would be supporting each other till their last breath.  The beautiful spontaneous young love will leave you smiling and happy. They are like star crossed lovers who are incomplete without each other. We look forward to seeing what happens after they have reached the Bahamas. 

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New faces in Outer Banks Season 2

the male leads of outer banks
Featuring the protagonists of Outer Banks

Outer Banks new season 2 has two new members joining the cast. Elizabeth Mitchell plays the role of Limbrey, who is going to be the villain in the upcoming episodes. 

Secondly, Carlacia Grant s to be part of the show as well. She plays the role of Cleo. Her character is that of a fearless one. We don’t yet know where exactly her loyalty lies.  

Release date of Outer Banks Season 2

Season 2 of Outer Banks was released on 30 July 2021

Outer Banks Available on 

The series is available on Netflix

The Cast of Outer Banks Season 2

the cast of outer banks
Outer Banks will be here with its amazing cast!
  • Chase Stokes as John B Routledge
  • Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron
  • Madison Bailey as Kiara Carrera
  • Jonathan Daviss as Pope Heyward
  • Rudy Pankow and JJ Maybank
  • Charles Esten as Ward Cameron
  • Drew Starkey as Rafe Cameron


Outer Banks is one of the most-watched shows on Netflix. The beautiful sun-kissed location, cool cliffhangers, treasure hunts, love stories and murders – the series offers everything under the sun. Critics believe that the show has become so famous so quickly because of its refreshing scenes which serves comfort during our pandemic days.

Let us know your thoughts about this series in the comments section below. Do share your fan theories on the series as we love hearing from you.