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Outcast Season 3- Hitori No Shita


David Mudd

Do you what Outcast Season 3 is? If don’t, then you can get the information from this article. So, read it to get brief knowledge about Outcast Season 3.

Outcast Season 3 has been solely produced by the Chinese Production team. It is also known as Hitori no Shita. All the reviews of Outcast Season 3 which are coming so far about the series have been excellent. Even some people demonstrated that the art style for Outcast 3rd season looks different than the earlier 2 seasons, and also said that it matches the original comic art style.


Outcast Season 3 is an adaptation of the Chinese webcomic titled Yi Ren Zhi Xia (Under One Person) by Dong Man Tang and it is illustrated by Mi Er.

The show (Outcast Season 3) is based on the story of Chou Soran, who is a normal college student, had a normal upbringing until an incident that takes place in a small village.

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After reading the basic of Outcast Season 3, let’s give a sharp look over the story –What happens in Outcast Season 3 (Hitori no Shita)?

The plot of Season 3 of Outcast (Hitori no Shita)

In the story (Outcast Season 3), Cho Shoran was living a tension free normal life just like any other kid of his age. He was very careless (carefree) about the life with no burdens/ tensions of the future. Despite this, beyond his expectations, his grandfather left a secret for him and also wants Cho to reveal (open) it. At the time when his grandfather was alive, he would try his best to give him some useful advice and warn him to stay away from all adventures that could hurt him. But after the death of his grandfather, all things have changed for Cho. Moreover, all the secrets that his grandfather was trying to conceal are now not covered.

One day while walking in a graveyard, suddenly he hears a voice and tries to follow it. When he reaches the spot, all the things look strange. Then after some time he is hit on his head and then he finds himself inside a pit. There he meets a very strange/ mysterious girl holding a knife and the unexpected adventure of zombies as they attacked on Shoran but the girl leads him to shutdown zombies.


After successfully defending themselves against the zombies, Soran’s life begins to change as he trains his martial arts method taught by his grandfather. This technique is also known as Kitaigen. The story shows Soran’s effort to find out his grandfather’s real past.

Now I think you might be wondering about the characters of Outcast Season 3. So, let’s talk about them in brief…….

Cast/ Characters of Outcast Season 3

  • Zhang Chulan as Chō Soran
  • Feng Baobao as Fū Hōhō
  • Xu San as Jo San
  • Xu Si as Jo Yon
  • Touhouzi as Saru
  • Liu Yanyan as Ryu Kenken
  • Zhang Xilin as Chō Shakurin
  • Zhang Yude as Chō Yotoku
  • Xia He as Natsuka
  • Lu Liang as Lo Ryo
  • Feng Shayan as Fuusaen
  • Zhang Lingyu as Chō Reiyu


We all know that leading characters are only responsible to give success to the series. So, above given are the main characters of Outcast Season 3.

One question arises in my mind and I am sure in yours also. When will it be release or come on our screen? To get the answer and satisfy our soul, let’s read the article further.

When will Outcast Season 3 be on our screen?

The 3rd Season of Outcast is released on 24th April, 2020. Moreover, the interesting series (Hitori no Shita Season 3) has already going on because its third season got the airing date on April 24, 2020.

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So, it is one of the fantastic news for all the fans of Outcast Season 3 that you don’t have to wait for the airing date of your favorite series.

I am sure that all of you (Okay, not all most of you) really want to watch the trailer of this wonderful series. Let’s take a look over it to make your reading more fantastic for you.

Trailer of Outcast Season 3 (Hitori no Shita)

With the help of this video, you will get to know the basic of Outcast Season 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cho Shoran?

Cho Shoran is a boy who was carefree about the burdens of the future.

What actually Outcast Season 3 is?

Outcast Season 3 is an interesting series which is based on the life of college stuent who found the reality of his grandfather’s past.

What is the name of the grandfather’s technique?

The name of grandfather’s technique is Kitaigen.

Final Words

Outcast Season 3 is also known by the name, Hitori no Shita. It is one of the best series which is liked by so many people of the world. Outcast Season 3 is based on the life of a small boy, Cho Shoran. He found the reality of his grandfather’s past. At his young age, he was unfamiliar with the burdens and tensions of life.