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Outbreak Response: Trump Defends The Country’s Response To Journalists


David Mudd

Trump China Virus Comment: Donald Trump has never been known to be a very responsible speaker. Even as the President of the US, he can sometimes be very unreliable with his words. His words have very often put him in trouble. And, this has been the case recently.

Even with the outbreak of the coronavirus, President Trump didn’t rethink his words twice. Recently, he called coronavirus the ‘China virus’. This caused him a lot of trouble. Many people spoke against him on this issue. But, the President has defended his remarks. Also, he has tried to stand up for himself amidst all the criticism.

Trump China Virus Comment

What Did He Say? (Trump China Virus Comment)

Trump has time and again referred to coronavirus as the China virus. Also, in his banter with the media, he recently blamed the media to be too negative. He said that the state was taking necessary measures for the virus outbreak. The media had also bashed him previously about the increased number of victims.

The backlash from the critics and the media is nothing new for President Trump. This is something he must’ve grown used to all these years. Time and again he has done things to question his sincerity to his position. As the President of a Superpower, he is expected to be very sincere and focused. But, he can always be relied upon on to mix up his words. Not only that, but he is also known to get quite aggressive about it.

Trump China Virus Comment

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His Defence To His Statement (Trump China Virus Comment)

After calling the coronavirus Chinese, he didn’t take back his words. Further, he defended himself on the same. So, he said that what he said wasn’t intended to be racist. Also, he said he used the term Chinese because China is where the virus started. Even though he stood up for himself, he still suffered a lot of backlash on his statement.

Also, he had said that the state is ordering all the necessary equipment for precaution. He has ordered the necessary masks. Also, he has initiated research for the same. Finding a cure for the coronavirus is amongst the top priorities of the state as of now. Also, the state is making sure that it protects its people.

Trump China Virus Comment

The Criticism He Faced

He faced critics of many people. Starting from news reporters to even people in the house, Trump bore it all. Lana Condor also took to twitter to call shame on the President for his remark.