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Our Girl Viewers Shocked By A Twist Ahead Of Michelle Keegan’s Exit


David Mudd

All the “Our Girl” viewers are in the hype. Because the gobsmacking things are happening on the show. “Our girl” is a British television drama series featuring the ‘Military’ as the key in the series. Michelle Keegan is being the lead role since the seasons. The series wraps out to season 4 on ‎BBC One which, fills with a lot of twists and surprises.

If you have gone through the Tuesday’s episode of the “our Girl” then its absolutely a head-spinning news to viewers. Many of the viewers are not digesting the news of the death of Sergeant Georgie Lane fiance, Elvis. And this plot the land on Tuesday’s episode of ‘Our Girl’.

What’s the Twist In ‘Our Girl’?

Our Girl

As in the fifth episode of the fourth series of the ‘Our Girl’, we have a plot on Georgie finding the real truth. Georgie gotta know who is behind the screens of her dead husband. She finds Aatan Omar, is not the one who is responsible for her fiance death.

When Georgie came up with the picture on her phone, of her husband to the culprit to get to know why he killed Elvis. And this seems to plot something different story in the viewer’s minds. Everyone out there is still believing that Elvis is “NOT DIED”. This leads to some different plot.

many stories are been cooking up on social media platform, tweeting “Elvis might not dead and the unreal Omar remembers the Elvis and he knows he is still alive”. “And a few are thinking ELVIS is real the OMAR (LOL)!!”. So, this is what the stories are spreading on social media and their minds.

Many, twists are yet to relieve yet, and everyone is curious about three things; Who is Real Omar? Who kills Elvis? What the real story behind Elvis’s death?

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Our Girl

Besides these bits of twists on the series, we have a scenario of leaving Georgie at the end of the series. Hoping, there is out a melody drama and lots of hiring ground scenes on the series. The actress who is a part of the show for years-long will leave with the perfect end for sure. Here what Keegan says:

“I’m going to miss Georgie,” she stated, in addition to this, “I think she and the show sort of helped me grow as a person and I’m going to miss the fact that she’s quite feisty and the fact that she was independent.”