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Our Girl Season 4: Show Reveals Georgie’s Fate in Season Finale

In January, Michelle Keegan announced quitting the Our Girl show. It was a piece of surprisingly painful news for the fans and series viewers. But after that, she made it up to the end of the series. After all, fans saw the well deserved happy ending of the series. The episode ends with a peaceful scene.

Sergeant Georgie Lane’s had an optimistic conclusion in the finale episode. Georgie and her colleagues concluded that their team failed to capture the real Aatan Omar. But then happens many incidents and twists. That leads them to places and find out Aatan Omar.

The Peaceful End (Our Girl)

Our Girl

The Afghan soldier Poya got exposed when he threatened Dr. Bahil with an explosive vest. He and medic Mimi were deployed to look after an injured cadet in the local hospital in Kabul. However, Mimi talked him down and the whole thing turned another twist. Dr. Antonio shot killed Poya. he turned out to be a United States intelligence spy.

The Afghan soldier who worked for Poya went rogue and started shooting a British soldier. But the last member of the turned trio, Rabee coaxed him into a building. Then he pretended that he was innocent. George and Prof follow Rabee when he deployed to look after Poya and Mimi. They bickered in the car that made Rabee run out of the car.

After they find each other again, Rabee said the truth that he was real Omar. That means he was behind all these troubles. Besides, he was the one who ordered to detonate the bomb that killed Georgie’s fiance Elvis. Prof emerged and took the bullet from Omar. At that moment Georgie shot him and knock him off the platform.

Our Girl

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