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Our Girl: Fans Devastated After Show Kills Off Fingers, Why Did Sean Ward Quit The BBC Series?


David Mudd

Our Girl season 4: Why did Fingers die? Why did Sean Ward leave series?

What Is Our Girl About

Okay, so Our Girl is apparently a British Drama series broadcaste on BBC One.

The first-ever season came out in 2013, after which it has gained subsequently a pretty huge viewership.

It follows the life of an 18-year-old Georgie Lane, who was initially a labouring-class woman.

A slightly normal scenario of having a boyfriend who cheat on her and a father who is excessively restraining, Molly decides to get out of the chaos.

The Progression In Our Girl Series

Our Girl

On seeing her life heading nowhere beneficial, she decides to join the Army.

And thank god she does. The girl can kick butts! (you will later realise)

Having been put in a group of soldiers who are all male, she strives to maintain her position as an able soldier.

She’s placed in Afghanistan as a part of the British troop to save the citizens from an ongoing war with the Taliban.

We get to see the gruesome reality of people who die on an everyday basis for no good reason.

Season 4 Of Our Girl

I remember watching an interview where Michelle Keegan talked about leaving the show after this.

This puts us in a cliffhanger as to whether we’ll get to see a Season 5 or not. I mean, I was kinda hooked to the series!

But let me walk you through what happened in Season 4 altogether.

She’s now back home in Manchester with her family, and firm on the decision of not going to Afghanistan again.

But this makes her reflect on her prior settlement, a result of which, her boyfriend was now dead.

After losing the love of her life, Elvis, Georgie is in trauma. Nevertheless, she resolute to come back to Afghanistan and join her troop, Section 2.0.

She’s pretty baffled to see the condition of the place since the last time she was there, it was a wreck.

Georgie tries to normalise things by interacting with the locals, maintaining perseverance and being the ultimate combat that she is.

What Happened to Fingers And Sean Ward

Fans were sent into a frenzy on seeing the show’s Our Girl lovable character, Fingers’ death.

He died as a result of a barrage injury in the combat when they were all fighting.

Imagine being Georgie, having lost the person you thought you’d marry, trying to cope up with the horrendous fact and BOOM! There’s another close mate who’s dying too.

I cannot begin to state how miserable it must have been for Georgie Lane to deal with every calamity that seems to have hit her life altogether.

And the most brutal part? Fingers and Georgie’s sister got married at the beginning of Season 4.

So you see, Georgie has to break this news to her sister. Holy Christ!

Our Girl

Why Does Ward Leave The Show?

As far as Ward is concerned, fans have been quick to speculate his leave.

Some think it’s totally based on the point of view of the plot.

Some believe he has had an ostensive disagreement with the creators.

Well, well, for all we know, in his interview with Digital Spy, he talks about paying homage to Fingers and his extreme vigor by gently pulling off from the show as a soldier.

I hope this is the only reason because let’s be honest, we can’t deal with any more major characters leaving or dying in the series!

We just CAN’T! *sobs*

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