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Original Idea For Obi-Wan Spin-Off Show Emerges


The Obi-Wan spinoff was never meant to be a Disney Plus miniseries. But after Solo: A Star Wars Story bombed spectacularly at the box-office, Lucasfilm reconsidered their approach to launching spinoffs. Thinking that oversaturation was the root cause; without realizing how bad writing and the lack of a cohesive plan doomed the franchise.

In any case, in the aftermath of The Rise Of Skywalker’s disappointment; they seem to be getting things back in order. The Obi-Wan spinoff was delayed earlier this year as a result of script rewrites and the departure of Hossein Amini.

Reports have now emerged revealing what the show was originally going to be all about. The scripts were re-written as a result of the show feeling a tad bit too similar to The Mandalorian.

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A New Hope (Again…Seriously?)

As it were, following in the footsteps of Dave Filoni’s The Mandalorian, the Obi-Wan Kenobi spinoff will explore the past of the galaxy far, far away and set to fill in the gaps of the famed Jedi’s time on Tatooine. Even though the show’s main plot is currently unknown, the original script was going to take Obi-Wan back to the desert planet of Tatooine.

Illuminerdi originally reported this, and the synopsis hints that the show might have focused on Obi-Wan guiding a young Luke:

“Tatooine, a desert planet where farmers toil hard under the heat of two suns. Meanwhile, they try to defend themselves and their loved ones from the Tusken Raiders. A planet behind the edge of civilization. And a place where it would be unlikely to find a Jedi master or an orphaned child on whom the future of the entire galaxy weighs on his small shoulders.”

Here’s hoping that the show lands on its feet and is not a mess like the other Star Wars projects of late. But given the fact that Deborah Chow is at the helm, we have good reason to be excited for the show.

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