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Ori & Will Of Wisps : How To Find The Iron Needle And Complete The Quest


David Mudd

In the game Ori and The Will of the Wisps, you will incur a lot of troubles. You face many side quests along with the main story as well. Each of these side quests are important to collect certain rewards on their completion.

One of these battles is the Lost compass quest of NPC. This hunt will unlock new achievements for you and you can win many new rewards.

About The Side Quest (Ori & Will Of Wisps)

Many people are excited about the side quest of the Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The Lost compass quest gathers much speculation and interest. This side quest will originate from Tokk. Tokk is essentially a bluebird which you will find near a windmill in the Wellspring Area.

Only by simply speaking to this NPC, you will enter into an unforeseen battle- The Lost Compass quest. Then, the players can set their journey from here and set their routes as per their convenience.

Final Fantasy 7.

How To Complete The Side Quest

When you get the side quest, you will come to a nearby building. You should first enter it. When you’re there, you should move to the right. So, you should surpass any obstacle that comes in the middle till you reach a switch. You can then flip the switch. It will flop the areas orientation about 4 times.

Ori & Will Of Wisps

When you’re here, finding the lost compass in Ori and the Will of the Wisps, you will navigate between many hurdles. There will be lasers, activating some switches in the way. With each switch, the area will rotate and it can become more challenging for people to get beyond.

Nearing The Completion Of The Quest (Ori & Will Of Wisps)

Now, you’re at the very ending of the game. You will see yourself in front of two gears that are placed on the top of the other. With the hole in the bottom gear, you can easily reach the Iron Needle. So, you can complete the Lost Compass side quest in Metroidvania. But, your journey does not end here.

Ori & Will Of Wisps

Now, you have to exit the building only to find Tokk ready to meet you outside. Speak with the NPC, finish the game and get your reward. You will receive a Gorlek Ore that can be turned into Grom, a builder in the Wellspring Glades, in exchange for his services.

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