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Oregon: 70 Now Dead As Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Near 1800


David Mudd


Coronavirus in Oregon: 70 now dead as known cases near 1,800, health officials say

The Coronavirus Report So Far

Coronavirus continues to engulf half the world’s population in its deadly wrath in Oregon.

Millions of people have been staying back home in order to prevent gaining the infection.

As worthy as it to say, tremendous control has been taken over it already.

But still, there are hundreds of thousands of people who get infected every other day.

What Might Lead Now

One of the very few reasons for its apparent spreading is undoubtedly the fact, that no quick and immediate measures were taken in the initial days.

The downright ridiculous calamity that has hit us right across our faces is a result of incoherent ignorance.

This, if anything, makes us wonder how much in control we would have been by now, had this menace not become life-wrecking in a matter of 2 weeks.


Needless to say, the government has been doing a lot for the perpetual saving of lives.

Doctors, Soldiers, Nurses, Policemen are working day and night, regardless of their own lives, just in order to save the citizens of their loving nation.

New Cases Every Other Day

Oregon, a state in the northwest region on the west coast of the United States has shown an increased number of cases.

It had been apparently reported that the hike in death cases all over Oregon is linked to patients with an average age of 68.

The death toll shows patients(now dead), aged 65,76,86,88,91 and 95.

And all of them have been reported to have had prior therapeutic issues.

Most of the deaths have been of patients above the age of 60, with or without a pre-medical problem.

Since the first case reported on 28th of February, more than 30,000 citizens have been tested for coronavirus.

What Now?

Civilians keep complaining about how the country had been ineffective in handling the seemingly disastrous virus.

It’s somewhat still believable that more care could have been taken initially which could have led to lesser deaths and condolences.


We can’t help but accept the simple truth that this was how it was supposed to be. So long that people take preventive measures, they’re going to be just as fine.

Rest assured, we hope this trauma subsides soon.

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