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Orange is The New Black Season 8 : Plot | Release Date


David Mudd

Let’s start with a simple question. How many of you ever thought about prison life? We often raise our voice to let the world know how criminals should be judged and deserve the harshest of punishments. Do we ever wonder what happens afterwards? Orange Is The New Black Season 8 is a must-watch for all.

The American drama Orange Is the New Black is here to precisely do just that: to make you think. It is fair to say at this point that we have carefully nurtured numerous assumptions regarding the inmates of a prison. We look down upon them with our scornful expression of judgement.

Though the courts have the power to punish them as they have broken the law and with the verdict the official procedure ends. But does it stop there? These people are not seen as people anymore- they have no identity-they are just criminals.

The trial inside the court ends and the trial in society just begins. In the middle waits for the world of prison.

According to Netflix, the show has 105 million viewers. Read on to know why the show has quickly become one of the most-watched dramas.

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 Adaptation of Orange Is The New Black Season 8

The storyline of this drama was taken from the autobiographical book of Piper Kerman who spent 15 months in an all-women prison.

Plot: Season 1-6

a glimpse from season 7 of orange is the new black
Starring the main lead from Orange Is The New Black Season 7

The series focuses on life inside Litchfield Penitentiary. The story is told from the view of the protagonist Piper Chapman who herself becomes a resident of prison for a minor offence. 

Her life, as she knew it, was over as soon as she entered the prison building. 

As the storyline progresses, we are offered a detailed picture of how cruel life can be inside a prison.

These people are not seen as people anymore- they have no identity-they are just criminals. The treatment that the inmates receive, is simply horrifying beyond words. All sorts of exploitations and crimes take place inside the prison itself and there is no justice here because this is the last stop.

At this point, it’s crucial to underscore the significance of the title of the show. The term Black here refers to the community of black people, the African -Americans in the USA(the world too). So imagine the condition of a black prisoner

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Past comes back to haunt

 As the series begins, the viewers are offered flashbacks of prisoners’ Pre–Jail life. A lot of the inmates turn out to be just helpless victim of the circumstances. Some of them are like Piper, paying for one wrong choice made in stupidity.

The Inmates

the cast photoshoot of orange is the new black season 8
Featuring the talented cast of Orange Is The New Black Season 8

Piper is terrified to see the ensemble of the inmates. Adding to her discomfort, she finds her ex-love interest in that same prison. Later on, we see that they get closer again.

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Piper Chapman of Orange Is The New Black Season 8

Piper is terrified to see the ensemble of the inmates. Adding to her discomfort, she finds her ex-love interest in that same prison. Later on, we see that they get closer again

Initially, Chapman has no idea how to survive in Prison. But as time passes on she unfolds her true self. She learns to stop imagining herself as “better” those women. First, she insults the Kitchen Matriarch and later apologises.

She starts a prison business and gathers up the inmates to give a sort of purpose. But interestingly as we move forward, she only becomes a major character rather than the protagonist.

Alex Vause

She is Piper’s ex-love interest. Alex is the one who gives Piper’s name to the Feds.


Red is the Prison Matriarch of the Prison. One of the complex characters of the series Red stands out throughout the series. 

Her motherly side is often seen despite her cold approach. She helps Daya to set up Mendez and gets him fired finally.

Suzzane Crazy Eyes Warren

The most unique character is played by Uzo Adobe. The character’s intelligence, mental illness and desire of Piper- every aspect of this character has been played to perfection.


She is a smart bubbly person. In an intense scene with Caputo, we get to see a different Taystee. She has given up on herself and she has given up on justice. 

She asks a simple question: If people around her don’t care, why should a bunch of strangers? 

This question cannot be ignored easily and will make you think about post-prison life if there is any.


He is the most corrupt prison guard who uses women to fulfil anything needs. He doesn’t treat them as human beings. He is portrayed as having sociopathic tendencies and perverted behaviour. 


the jail inmates of piper chapman
Starring Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) along with other jail prisoners

The power of the show was felt from day 1.

The show has turned out to be Netflix’s longest-run original series. In addition, the show is named as the most-watched and best-loved by Netflix. 105 million people were transformed from viewers to fans.

Direction of Orange Is The New Black Season 8

The director of Weeds has made a milestone with this show. The choice of the content was a masterstroke from the beginning.

The moments inside the prison were created with care and respect.

In no way does the show pass moral judgement on the inmates. On the other hand, the society that is hell-bent on “their idea” Of justice is questioned.

Cast of Orange Is The New Black Season 8

The cast of the Orange is the New Black has done a marvellous job. The ensemble of the cast provide the much-needed diversity and thereby can present different interpretations of the system of injustice and bias that they fall victim to almost daily.

A Quick Recap season 7 

Piper is finally out of jail and is back to normal New York life. She finds it difficult to adjust to society. She can’t help but imagine how she will be looked at now. She tries for several jobs but is not able to land because of her jail records. The series focuses on her strained love relationships as well.

Back in Litchfield, a new warden comes to take charge. This part of the season reminds us that prison is there to rehabilitate, not to change the people into real animals in the cage.

The Reformation in the prison system and the end of solitary confinement are two really important topics highlighted here.

Season 8 of Orange Is The New Black 

Season 8 will follow the journey of the characters farther in life. 

Release date of Orange Is The New Black Season 8

23rd July 2021 is the official date for Season 8.

Availability of Orange Is The New Black Season 8

The show is available on Netflix


The show is one of the handfuls full of ones that reflect life in the most realistic possible way. Life is a journey you can’t conclude just like that. 

No matter what happens we must carry on and that is the first thing that the show teaches. Hope is the most powerful motivator that makes you not give up even when you are behind the bars.

This journey of life, full of twist and turns, is truly worth watching.

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