Optical Illusion The New Indicator of your Personality! The trending test!


Swarnali Datta

They say illusions are dubious. They are nothing but like those three ambiguous witches who allured Macbeth to avarice and made him lose himself in the thirst of ambition. But what if we say that in the 21st century, they are the indicators of your personality?

To break it in simple terms, Virginia Woolf had asserted that the best creative minds existing in this world are androgynous; that is to say, their minds are sexless: not essentially feminine or masculine. Counting on that, psychologists nowadays, find out whether your mind is more of a masculine or feminine type. One of the simplest ways to find that out is through optical illusion.

Now, before we delve into the intricacies of this, here’s a li’l brief about optical illusion.

The mind boggling world of optical illusion

According to Richard Gregory, an optical illusion in visual perception is a delusion brought on by the visual system and distinguished by a visual impression that arguably deviates from reality. The allure of optical illusions is that they have a reputation for deceiving both our eyes and minds. They lead us to mistakenly believe that what we perceive is reality. Moreover, optical illusions assist researchers in understanding how our brains respond when interacting with various images.

They are nothing but mind-boggling visuals known as optical illusions that are used to evaluate the degrees of perception in the human brain. Physical, physiological, and cognitive illusions can be divided into three primary categories, each of which has four types: Distortions, paradoxes, fictions, and ambiguities.

As a result, they are excellent tools for assessing someone’s personality. Everybody views them differently, and they are seen from various angles. While some optical illusions offer more than one image, others give you a directed illusion.

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The trending test!

An optical illusion-displaying image that was first posted by Fact Factory has since taken over social media and sparked a flurry of comments. Determining whether people have a “male” or “female” brain is a part of the project. Users are tasked with determining whether the subject in the image is sprinting towards them or away from them. The image features a silhouette of a man. People’s mental processes are supposedly revealed, as well as whether or not they have trouble multitasking.

So, what do the studies reveal?

According to Fact Factory, the mass found the man to be either running towards them or away from them. What do they signify?

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If you see the runner approaching

As per Fact Factories’ claim, this indicates that you have a more masculine brain. You use your astute analytical abilities and sound reasoning to try to resolve your issues and get through the challenges of life. Once you start to be curious about anything, you pick things up pretty rapidly.

When that happens, you give it your full attention until you have a plan of action. Yet, managing multiple tasks at once is not your strong suit; you like to concentrate on one work at a time. When you have a strong notion or perspective, you are prepared to support it with reasons because you are confident in your abilities to concentrate and pay attention.

If you see the runner moving away from you

This indicates that you have a brain that is more feminine. It also implies that your ability to reason and analyze is at its highest level. You take your time and rely on your senses and logic while making decisions. When you are fully engaged in creative endeavors or are building something from scratch, your brain functions at its peak.

You’re a master at multitasking, and your memory is phenomenal. Your exceptional senses and instincts are things you may rely on at all times. Regardless of your findings, the spectacular optical illusion has a deeper meaning than personality qualities because it is on a myth-debunking mission.

In an effort to dispel gender stereotypes, experts have spent decades researching the differences in the brains of men and women. At Tel Aviv University, renowned neuroscientist Daphna Joel introduced a course on the trending subject in 2009. Her ground-breaking research attempted to dispel the stereotypes that women are better communicators and men are more competitive.

To sum it up

This trending test might be effective in giving an idea about the personality of the human mind; but as it’s known, our minds are the most complex of all. Consequently, the debate persists, with some scientists arguing that it is pointless to divide the brain’s regions into feminine and male sides. Others contend that our behavior is influenced by our brain’s structure, which is then energized by socialization.

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