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Operation Varsity Blues Netflix: Everything You Need To Know!


David Mudd

College admission scandal done to provide admission to rich people by bribing school and Rick who is a singer and then he also bribed others to open the gate or doorway to the rich kids to become athletics without having knowledge about it.

We all know that in every corner of the world these types of things we come to see at every level whether it is a developed country or not. In most of the big universities the students came all over the world and some of them came on behalf of a lot of donations by their parents and other few are on their capability.

Is it legal to take admission in big colleges by doing this fraud? What do you think of this kind of promotion of students without having particular knowledge and becoming athletes with the help of giving huge amounts of money to take admissions like this?

Operation Varsity Blues Netflix

I know for taking admission most of the students clear the paper and if they got passing marks then they are allowed to enter the college but what about those rich students what reach their with the help of big personality and having their parents link with these colleges and singer like Rick which is played by Mathew Modine in this documentary film.

The film tells the scandal and it is a documentary film on Netflix about 2019 College admission by giving huge amounts of money to the singer and intermediaries to distribute among all so that their kids take admissions in big universities.

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Operation Varsity Blues Netflix: About And Release Date

Operation Varsity Blues Netflix

Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal is a film directed by Chris Smith and produced by Jon Karman, Youree Henley along with Chris Smith.

Matthew Modine is featured in this movie who played the role of Rick Singer and he did this type of work from 2011 to 2019 but reality came out when FBI Started to investigate the case in 2018.

The film came on Netflix on March 17, 2021 as the production of this film started in 2020.

Operation Varsity Blues aired in the United States in English language and ran for 103 minutes.

On Netflix it is one of the movies which remained in the top ten and most of the users love this documentary film.

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Operation Varsity Blues Netflix: Story

It is a story and traces received by FBI and others that show Rick or William Rick, a singer along with college admission counsellor frauds with many rich families by giving offers to get their kids in top universities and charging huge amounts of money.

His work is to open the doors of the colleges in an illegal way in the education field by charging wealthy people and depositing that amount in a non profit organisation which he operates.

The wealthy donated lots of money to this singer from 2011 to 2019 in order to get their children into top universities or schools like Stanford university, Yale University, The University of Southern California and few others.

The amount of donation lies between $250, 000 and $400,000 and all this is donated in the Singer’s organisation so that rich kids enter socially, academically to make their career successful.

After receiving this money he distributes to bribe college coaches and administrators so they can recruit these children under them which will make their way easy to enter colleges.

But the problem is that these kids even didn’t know and never played these sports in which they are recruited. If by chance any problem occurs or videos are required they even edit faces on fake videos to make them real one.

Operation Varsity Blues Netflix

After recruiting these kids under these athletics even if they fail they are passed in question papers by changing their answers again and given more time to them because in return they are also earning or receiving illegal money.

On every stage the money is bribed by the singer to all of them who took bribes to help him in increasing the chances for the kids to enter universities.

But in 2018, the scan came to uncover accidentally and an investigation was held and so many interviews were held to make this movie and the things which occurred during this period in Operation Varsity Blues Netflix film.

The film recreates what happened in real life and real conversations are done.

Here is the Trailer for Operation Varsity Blues Netflix Film

You can watch this movie on Netflix.

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Operation Varsity is an amazing Documentary series or crime film based on the 2019 college admission scam by Rick Singer and how other members are also involved in this.

The movie received 7 ratings out of 10 on IMDb while earning 88% which simply means this crime drama film is amazing to watch.

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