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‘Onward’: Pixar’s Animated Film, Story, Characters

Are you still watching animated films or cartoons? Well, mostly every one love to watch animated movies. Because ‘Disney’ made its charm. The Pixar animated studios brought the most heart touching film namely “ONWARD”.

What’s In Film ‘Onward’ ?

Well, let’s look into the film in a detailed way.

Ian and Barley, the two emotional and delightful teenage brothers get on the search of their dead father. In Disney’s ‘ONWARD’, the two brothers’ mission is to return his father’s life through magic.


In Detail

The movie ‘Onward’ begins with the finding of a ‘magic can’ left by the Ian deceased father Wilden. Ian succeeds in bringing back his father, but he wins only half. To get his father back permanently he needs to solve the mistake done by him, before the next day’s sunset. For this purpose, Ian took the help of his elder brother in resolving the mistake.

Barley is rendered as the funniest character in the film which will surely connect the audience. On the other hand, Ian is a shy type of person. The combination of two will bring lots of humor, adventure and fun in the film.

In their quest, Ian bursts out in anger every time because Barley always gets distracted and pays no attention to the mission. Every time Ian got up the fight with his brother he feels so lonely and devasted, but always there is charm between them which brings them back together. 

Well, that’s all about the film ‘Onward’, if you need more you must watch the movie.


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Characters In ‘Onward’ Film

Ian and Barley go as brothers in the film and Manticore a creature who aids Ian and Barley during their quest. Together Barley and Manticore humor bring the additional feature to the film. The film will surely attract all age groups and will hit on every screen.

Coming to the characters

Ian is played by Tom Holland. 

Barley’s character is played by Chris Pratt.

Wildon is played by Kyle Bornheimer.

Mel Rodriguez as Officer Colt Bronco.

And Manticore’s character is played by Octavia Spencer.

The film also featured some goofy characters like a centaur police officer and motorcycle pixie gang, restaurant owner 

Release Date 



 While coming to the release date, the film was released in Berlinale on February 21, 2020, and March 6, 2020in USA. The film will be available to Disney subscribers from April 3, 2020.


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