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OnePlus Starting Again The Production Of More Affordable Smartphones


David Mudd

Recently OnePlus made some flagship smartphones instead of their old and more affordable models. The last OnePlus model the company launched was the OnePlus 8 series. The series included a normal OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. After all, both of them were a little expensive for most people.  However, everyone thought that there will be an OnePlus 8 Lite with the series. But it didn’t happen.

After some weeks of launching the 8 Series, we get to know that the Lite version will be released as OnePlus Z. And it is expected to be launched this year in July. However, there were no official announcements available about the mentioned device. At last, now the company confirmed that they are working on a more affordable smartphone.

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OnePlus Z (OnePlus 8 Lite) - Specs, Price, Release Date & Leaks ...

More Details About The OnePlus Z

The OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed the information about the new lite and affordable version of its flagship. Besides, he added that the model will be a process new gem for the company portfolio. After all, the new model gives an opportunity for more people to experience the OnePlus smartphone franchise.

Beyond all these facts, it will add more products to OnePlus product catalogs. Even though any official announcement is not available, but Lau said that a glimpse will be shown in the next announcement for its market in India. After that, the company will launch the model in places including Europe and North America. The OnePluz Z is coming with a MediaTek Dimensity 100. After all, the model will be a help for the people who love OnePlus smartphones.

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