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OnePlus 8: This Is How Much OnePlus Is Spending On 5G Research


David Mudd

OnePlus has proudly announced that it will be stepping into the world of 5G in full force. The CEO of the firm said that he believed truly in the future of 5G and that he was excited for this venture of the firm. He has explained that the future is in 5G and that we should all together walk towards it.

OnePlus CEO and co-founder Pete Lau confirmed the news that OnePlus phones will now be 5G enabled. He has mentioned that the firm is spending an approximate of $30  million on the development of 5G research. And with this, OnePlus has become the first smartphone company to have a full product line up in 5G.

Recent Progresses In 5G Research

After its announcement on Thursday, OnePlus has proudly entered the scope of 5G and is developing in the same area. Its recent release, OnePlus 7 Pro in the UK was the company’s first phone with enabled 5G. This phone is one of the two 5G enabled phones that OnePlus offers.

The second one is a  special McLaren edition of the OnePlus 7T Pro. But, with the advancement of the technology that their phones offer, OnePlus will see a rise in its prices. However, the CEO is prepared for the hike in the prices and has stated that it is expected that the prices will rise and will be more as compared to 4G technology.

What More To Expect?

Technology enthusiasts can be excited for the whole product line up of OnePlus. The company is working on a whole range of phones based on 5G technology. So, it is expected that the range will come our way in April this year. But the official date is yet to be released.

This is just the beginning of a 5G revolution. With its commitment to such a large investment in 5G, R&D of OnePlus will now largely focus on 5G and more technologies related to this. So, we can expect more advancement in this sector very soon.

The Scope Of Development

The scope of 5G labs at OnePlus is very diverse and large. There is research and development in areas concerning radio frequency circuits, antennas, and multimedia. The is more research on camera, audio, video, and display portion of the phones as well. Also, 5G testing efforts are made in the Hyderabad Research Lab of the firm.