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OnePlus 8 Series: Would We See The Release Of OnePlus 8 Lite Soon?


David Mudd

The OnePlus 8 Series of smartphones is official now. The Chinese smartphone makers announced two new smartphones on their planned live stream on April 14, 2020. Both of these phones – the OnePlus 8 and the 8 Pro – boast impressive specs of their own.

Lite Rumoured To Be Part Of OnePlus 8 Series

However, as notable as the announcements were, what OnePlus didn’t announce is just as notable. Before this event, there were rumours going around that they would also announce a 8 Lite as part of the OnePlus 8 Series.

So far, that hasn’t transpired, though. The rumours and the logic behind the  Lite were quite sound, too. The company started out as a flagship killer. They offered nearly top-of-the-line specs for a fraction of the cost.

OnePlus 8

Over the years, OnePlus’ devices have started inching up in terms of the price, though. They’re also improving in terms of their design and their feature set. So, it made sense that OnePlus would release a cheaper smartphone to attract those customers who still want that flagship-killer.

OnePlus 8 Series Announced On April 14, 2020

Their announcement event has come and gone, though, and the lite is nowhere in sight. While rumours about it are still persistent, they may not end up being true. We did get three new products at their April 14, 2020, event, but the OnePlus 8 Lite wasn’t one of them.

What we did get is still quite fantastic, though. The OnePlus 8 Pro is sure to be the headline-maker out of all the announcements, though. It’s a true flagship now, not just a flagship-killer.

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 Series 8 Specs

It features a gorgeous 6.78-inch 3168 x 1440 Fluid AMOLED display. Not only is it ridiculously colour accurate, but it also features a buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rate. The specs are also top-notch. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, which also includes a 5G modem, up to 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM and up to 256GB of internal storage.

The device also features a quad-camera setup. There’s a 48MP main shooter, an 8MP telephoto lens with 3X optical zoom, a 48MP ultra-wide camera, and a 5MP colour filter camera.

It also finally features an IP68 certification and wireless charging support. The OnePlus 8 is also nearly identical to the 8 Pro, with a few differences, such as the camera.

OnePlus 8

OnePlus also announced the Bullets Wireless Z wireless earphones, which are the sequels to the Bullets Wireless 2. These come in at $49.95.

The OnePlus 8 starts at $699, making it one of the cheapest 5G smartphones, while the OnePlus 8 Pro starts at $899. They’re available for pre-order now, with a launch date of April 29, 2020.