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OnePlus 8: Rumored Release And Specifications


David Mudd

Imagine life without smartphones. Just imagine it. Do you think you’d survive? I don’t think so. These devices have become so important! Choosing the best phones is certainly important provided the importance of smartphones in life.

Considering the importance of smartphones, a lot have companies have tried to make the best phones with the best features. In this tough competition of smartphones, a few companies have managed to stand out. One such company is OnePlus.

OnePlus 6

Considering how Apple dominates the smartphone markets, it is logical to applaud companies like OnePlus. Offering very good specifications, the company manages to make itself proud every year now.

OnePlus 8

With the release of OnePlus 7 and 7T, the company has set high standards. OnePlus 8 has a lot to achieve in order to best its predecessor. If they get it right, this phone might just be the best Android phone of the year. Considering how huge a fanbase it boasts, OnePlus has a huge responsibility. According to rumours, OnePlus might release 3 phones: OnePlus8, OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8 Lite.

Rumoured Specs and design

If the rumours are true, this phone might beat Samsung’s S20. Here are the specifications and design of OnePlus 8 Pro.

  • Smaller screen compared to its predecessor. Rumoured to be around 6.5 inches.
  • Not a pop-up camera anymore. Just a simple punch-hole front camera. 16MP maybe.
  • 4 rear cameras! A 60MP camera, two 16MP cameras, and a 13MP camera.
  • 4000mAH or 4500mAH batteries.
  • Snapdragon 865 processors.
  • Might support 5G.
  • AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate.
  • 8GB or 12GB RAM.
  • 128GB to 256GB storage.
  • Reintroduction of headphone jack!
  • Fingerprint sensor and Face Unlock


Considering when the OnePlus 7 was released last year, I think the OnePles 8 series might make its debut mid-May this year. I might be wrong, sorry to disappoint if that’s the case.


If all the features mentioned above are met, I’d call this phone a beast. Competing with Samsung in the Android market might seem tough but OnePlus certainly knows how to compete. If the rumours about its specifications are true, OnePlus definitely listens to its fanbase and is actually taking things to a new level. Hopefully, these rumours are true.