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OnePlus 8: Robert Downey Jr. Spotted With A OnePlus 8 Pro Before Launch, Specs Leak


David Mudd

Robert Downey Jr. was seen with the OnePlus 8 ahead of its launch on a film set a few days back. He is the official brand ambassador of the smartphone company. While the pictures captured can see only the back of the phone, but it resembles the phone leaked online. However, what is disappointing is that Iron Man didn’t give us any information ahead of the release.

While everyone is excited about the release of OnePlus 8, people are presuming how it will be. The phone will be 5G supported since OnePlus has been investing in 5G research a lot now.

Possible Speculations Of OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus 8 will have 5G communication and will not come in a 4G variant. It will be packed with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor for smooth user experience. The phone has a possibility of 2 options, an 8 GB RAM variant with 128 GB storage or a 12 GB RAM variant with 256 GB of storage. But there is speculation that only a 12 GB RAM variant will be available and the only change will be made is in its storage.

OnePlus has moved to a 90 Hz refresh rate last year and is in no mood to go back. So, you can expect a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz with the new smartphone range. OnePlus uses the Android interface backed with OxygenOS which is very light. It helps the user experience to be smoother, which is now enhanced with the latest Zen Mode.

Power And Battery

Provided the 5G connectivity of the phone, it will have a good battery life to keep it going. So, it is expected that the battery size will shift up to a gigantic 4500 mAh. It will, however, continue to use its Warp Charge technology which was available at 30 W till now. It is now expected to rise to 50W offering a 70% charge in a duration of meagre 30 minutes.

However, OnePlus is expected to stick to wired charging. This is because wired charging is faster than the alternative inductive version. So, this will help the speed of charging.

Camera Quality

OnePlus 8 Pro is going to break the markets with its amazing camera. It is expected to have 3 cameras. It will feature a 64-megapixel main camera, a 20-megapixel ultra-wide camera, and a 12-megapixel telephoto camera. The camera will also feature the latest macro mode wherein you can take clear pictures at a distance of even 1 inch.

Night mode will be featured. Then, it is expected to feature 2 front-facing cameras or selfie cameras. They will be mounted at the top left of the display. The cameras can also be expected to have a pop-up feature.