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Big News! One Punch Man Season 3 is Finally Renewed by the Officials

One-Punch Man is one of those anime series that has been trending since it was initially released. There aren’t any anime lovers who haven’t watched this anime or even heard of it. Anime series have been popular for a long time. We get to know about new anime series every day but the fans are hoping for their favorite anime to get renewed. It won’t be any surprise for the fans of One Puck Man to ask the creators for its third season. The series has successfully released two installments and now everyone is hoping to see One Punch Man Season 3. 

One-Punch Man is one of the most famous and most populated series in their country. The show is well received by the audience and even the ratings are satisfying to the creators, there is no doubt that the series is one of the most popular anime around the world. The show has already been named among the Top animated shows. The actual number of viewers is not disclosed by the studio but according to some reports, more than 30 million people have read the original manga series of this show. 

The popular show only has 2 seasons so far and as a popular anime people are wanting more seasons. Following the story of Saitama who possesses the moment power and can kill anyone through his single punch. The series focuses on the action and the comedy which adds perfection to it. In this article, we’ll be talking about One Punch Man Season 3. 

One-Punch Man: What do you need to know?

One Punch Man Season 3

One-Punch Man is a Japanese anime series that was first aired in the year 2015 for the audience. The show has been taken from a manga series that has the same name and was written by ONE. The writer has been one of the most secret and popular artists in Japan. Many people may ask why the show is so popular? For a non-anime watcher and a beginner, I’ll like to tell you that this anime series has been based on a manga that has already reported 40+ Million copies. For a popular manga series, it is very likely that the name also suppressed this much popularity. 

On the other hand, the series is written by ONE who is a popular anonymous writer in Japan. The show has released 2 seasons so far and people are wondering about the third season. 

Being made in the Madhouse studio, which is the home of one of the most famous anime series like Hunter X Hunter, Death Note, Fighting Spirit, and many more. 

Furthermore, the story focuses on Saitama, who is so powerful that he can defeat his opponent with a single damn punch. That’s how the show is named One Punch Man. But the main protagonist of this series got so bored with the random people asking him to fight. He later decided to search for a worthy opponent. The show gets interesting as it moves forward. There is a comedy that adds extra spice to it. 

One Punch Man Season 3: Is it Confirmed or not?

One Punch Man Season 3 news

After the end of season 2 in 2019, Fand started to look for the third installment. Since the show is popular and the global audience started to demand the release of the third season. The people are eagerly waiting for the third season of this series so badly. Looking at the popularity, there are pretty chances that the Madhouse renewed the series for season 3. 

However, the wait is finally over because the official has finally renewed the anime series. Yes! You heard it right. It took the longest for the showrunners to come up with an official statement regarding the show. While fans have been waiting for the longest time and hoping Madhouse to renew the series, they have finally done it. 

It is not a big surprise for the fans to hear about the renewal. Inspired by the manga series that is written by ONE, we already know that the anime series has already left adapting a lot of source material. There is enough resource material that can help the show to make another series. 

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One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date: When is it going to Release?

One Punch Man Season 3 updates

The first season of One punch Man was released on 5 October 2015 and ended on 21 December 2015. It took four years for the studio to renew the series and release the successive seasons. While the first season was handled by Madhouse, the second season was surprisingly handled by the JC crew. 

With the confirmation of the third season, it is still a big question whether the JC crew is handling the third season of madhouse is going to take over it. Talking about the third part, the official Twitter account concerning the show has officially announced the renewal of the show. 

One Punch Man Season 3 is confirmed to release in April 2023. The officials have already scheduled the date for the airing of the series but the exact release date is yet to be announced, Still, fans are over delighted to hear about the confirmation.

Some rumors suggest that MAPPA is going to work on the anime series. While we all are waiting for the officials to speak regarding the topic, many rumors are spreading online.

One-Punch Man 3 – How do Fans React to this news?

One Punch Man Season 3 about

The fanbase of this anime series is as large as one can think. Earlier there were big speculations about the series’ third installment but as the news came out through confirmed sources, the fans were happy to see their favorite character back. 


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One-Punch Man 3 – Is there any Official Trailer?

There is no official trailer of this Japanese anime series for the audience so far. The people are wondering when the studio will release season 3. With the official confirmation already confirming the third season, there is no evidence of the third season yet. 

Till the official trailer of Season 3 is released, let’s watch the official trailer of the second season which was viewed by almost 9 million people.

What are the ratings of this show?

The show was not only popular among the people but also the critics have responded positively to this anime series. The IMDb rating of this show is 8.8/10. The rotten tomatoes have rated the show with 100% ratings. MyAnimeList has rated One Punch Man with 8.5/10 ratings. 

The audience has rated the show with 4.9 ratings. The fans of this show are overwhelmed with the storyline of this show. If you are a fan of anime series and haven’t watched One Punch Man so far then you must watch this anime series. 

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Final Words

One-Punch Man is a Japanese series that was first released in 2015. The series is based on the manga light novel which has suppressed millions of copies over the years. One-Punch Man has released 2 seasons of this anime series so far. There is already the demand for season 3 but the officials are yet to say. The audience and fans already knew that season 3 would ever happen but when? No one has an idea. Many theories are being spread throughout the internet which predicts different things. But currently, there isn’t solid proof that will make the people believe in any of these. 

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