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One Piece Chapter 1047: What We Know So Far!

Because Golden Week is approaching, readers should take advantage of One Piece Chapter 1047 while they can.

Shonen Jump usually has a number of pauses during the month of April. Given the high-quality chapters that have been released over the previous few weeks, One Piece fans will be disappointed. The match between Luffy and Kaido lived up to the expectations. Of course, there are other events taking place right now.

Whatever happens in One Piece Chapter 1047 is anyone’s guess. The only thing that can be guaranteed is that Luffy will come up with new and inventive methods to use his Gear Fifth. The Wano Country arc has been building up to this point for several years. Kaido will finally succumb to his eighth defeat, whether he likes it or not.

Customers have been patiently awaiting the release of the book for almost a week. Now that Eiichiro Oda has returned from a well-deserved sabbatical, it’s time to get back to work. There has been a significant increase in the stakes for this final confrontation between Luffy and Kaido.

One Piece Chapter 1047: Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1047

Manga Plus will release the official translation on Sunday, April 24, at a time to be announced. It will be available in various nations at the same time, beginning at 8 p.m. local time. The following are the languages that are currently supported:

  • English
  • Español (Spanish)
  • ภาษาไทย (Thai)
  • Português BR (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Bahasa (Indonesian)
  • Français (French)

Of course, readers will have to wait for the spoilers to be released in the coming days. Shueisha is tightening up on website enforcement, which implies that descriptions will be less informative as a result. According to the chapter from last week, raw scans can now be released on Thursdays.

A short clip of Gol D. Roger was put on Redon’s Twitter feed, which was leaked by a Spanish leaker. Of course, this may or may not be indicative of the substance of the chapter in question. Readers will be pumped for One Piece Chapter 1047, regardless of the outcome. It’s been a long time since the manga has generated this much interest.

What Can We Expect From Chapter 1047 of One Piece?

Towards the close of the last chapter, Luffy was poised to strike Kaido with a lightning bolt. It should be observed, however, that Kaido’s flame clouds are beginning to fade in intensity. Momonosuke received a warning from Yamato that Onigashima will fall at any moment and that he would be required to manufacture his flame clouds.

One Piece Chapter 1047

One Piece Chapter 1047 will almost certainly deal with Momonosuke’s attempts to maintain control of the island. With this intense combat, Kaido is already reaching the end of his endurance. When Luffy launches his forthcoming attack, he will only push himself closer to the verge of defeat. When this occurs, Momonosuke will have to act swiftly to prevent further damage.

Meanwhile, it appears that Raizo’s efforts to extinguish the castle fire have been effective thus far. However, it is still unclear how everyone would make their way out of the situation. At the very least, they are no longer concerned about the ferocious fire.

It is A Good Time for the Fans of One Piece

On the same day as One Piece Episode 1015, One Piece Chapter 1047 will be made available for download. The anime was initially delayed owing to a server hack at Toei Animation, which caused the show to be cancelled. The inevitable clash on the Skull Dome rooftop has been highly awaited for quite some time.

This week, the manga would want to continue the trend of events that generate a lot of excitement.

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