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One Day At A Time: After Being Cancelled By Netflix, The Show Goes To This Streaming Platform

Good news is finally out for the fans of ‘One Day At A Time’. Initially, the show got cancelled but is now saved from the trauma. (phew!)

About The Show

This time around, the series follows the life of Penelope, a recently single Army veteran, and her Cuban-American family. As they explore the good and bad times of life. Presently a medical caretaker, Penelope is bringing up two in number willed kids. At the point when confronted with drawbacks, Penelope goes to her “old-fashioned” mother and her framework administrator.

One Day At A Time Season 4

She has become an imperative compatriot. The show also offers a contemporary interpretation of what life is just like, both tremendous and strident at events, and how friends and family can help make everything advantageous.

How Did The Show Got Saved?

Netflix said the show was not so prominent enough to prop it up. However, fans and pundits communicated boundlessly setback. A social media campaign under the name #SaveODAT held by the fans online soon became trending. They did it with great hope to get their favourite show back.

The original developers of the show- Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce paid attributes to the fans for their undying support- their undying support, helping us turn #SaveODAAT into #MoreODAAT.”

One Day At A Time Season 4

Alan Sepinwall, who is an LGBTQ activist, says that- “There were not a lot of shows out there about a Latin American family with a predominantly Latinx cast dealing with these issues about immigration.”Every episode has some kind of hot-button subject. You know, one of the characters is a reviving alcoholic. Another has PTSD from serving in the military. So it touched on a lot of things.”

In report exposing the news of the show’s fourth season,  Brad Schwartz, who is the Pop TV President, says that the show is a “brilliant and culturally significant series.”

The show is finally coming back because of the constant plea of its fans and producers. Executive Producer Norman Lear when hearing the news said- “Today, I’m overwhelmed with joy to know the Alvarez family will live on.”

One Day At A Time Season 4

Let’s hope to see this kind of dedication that people have for this show and may ‘One Day At A Time’ never die.

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