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On My Block Season 4: Netflix Release Date, Plotline, Cast, Everything To Know

Read ahead to know more about the release date of On My Block Season 4. Also, read ahead to find out who all will cast in season four ad what will be the expected plot line of the season.

On My Block Series

On My Block is an American teen comedy web television series. Lauren Lungerich is the creator of the show. Furthermore, Crazy Cat Lady Productions is the production company of the show. The series uses Dolby Digital Audio.

Netflix owns the broadcasting rights of the show. Moreover, the series is based in Los Angeles, United States. The series follows the lives of four teenagers who find their lifelong friendship tested as they begin with their highschool journey.

On My Block

On My Block has had three successful seasons to date. The first season released on 29th March 2018. Furthermore, the second season released on 29th April 2019. The latest season of On My Block released on 11th March 2020.

Release Date Cast Of Season 6

We are expecting On My Block Season 4 to release sometime in March 2021. However, Netflix has still not announced the official date of release. But since all the previous seasons released is around March and April, we expect On My Block Season 4 to release somewhere around this time.

However, fans will have to wait until Netflix officially announces the release date On My Block Season 4.

Expected Cast Of On My Block Season 4

Also On My Block Season 4 will cast Jason Genao as Ruby, Brett Gray as Jamal, Sierra Capri as Monse, Diego Tinoco as Cesar, Jessica Marie Garcia as Jasmine, and many more. But final announcement is yet to be made.

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Expected Plot

On My Block

Season 4 will pick up from where season 3 ended. Furthermore, it will address the ending of season 3. However, the relationship between characters will get affected due to a gap of two years.

And also the mouse has another pair of pairs. There is also a speculation that Ruby will appear for contours compared to Brett and Ceaser. Hence this season will witness the falling friendship among these peers.

And also how these group of friends overcome the obstacles and get rid of the gap which has come in between their friendship.

We saw Monse, Cesar, Ruben, and Jamal getting kidnapped in season 3’s end. Therefore, season 4 will pick up from there. Also, we will come across a lot of drama, twists, love, and many more things.

Netflix should officially announce season 4’s release date very soon. Stay tuned!