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On A Celebrity Taking His Own Life- The Tragedy Behind


David Mudd

When a celebrity commits suicide

The Pretext

The news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide came as an utter shock amidst the wreck and monotony the current pandemic has brought about.

If we think about it in absolute details, suicide is the last resort for a soul so lost and depressed.

It’s a shame how people consider depression to be just a synonym of sadness.

I wonder how many more deaths are yet to be experienced by us to make people realize the importance of mental health and how depression eats you up, even when you’re at a high, career-wise.

Call it what you may but the fact remains that depression is a feeling of emptiness and shallowness.

Of course, it starts with sadness but eventually culminates into not knowing what to do to make it go away.

It’s a constant state of sadness and it becomes a part of yourself. You try to shake it off; all in vain, nonetheless.


For someone like himself, committing suicide is a news nobody wanted to come to terms with.

His life looked anything but sad and unwanted, right? That’s the thing with depression.

You might just have everything according to onlookers and still, feel an emptiness within.

If anything, Sushant’s suicide has yet again made us think about the importance of reaching out in case of any psychological issues.

But is it that simple, folks? Well, definitely not.

If at all you show your weakness to people, they consider you to be an outcast who just cannot handle the pressure the world offers.

Is That It?

And if at all you find people who listen to your misery and how sad you feel at all times, they start quoting themselves as being the extravagant friend who is doing just as fine although experiencing the same struggle every day.

No! That is NOT the same struggle. If only people realized that.

This makes the depressed soul even more depressed, do you get my point?

What a pity Sushant was not destined to see his emotional resurgent state.

He gave in to the moment of loss of logic and an insurgence of emotional wreckage.

What a great loss to the world.


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