OMGYES Review 2023: What You Can Learn From It?



If you haven’t heard about OMGYES’s new approach to vulva-based pleasure, you’re in for a treat!

But you may still want to know if OMGYES is worth it and what you can learn from it. Well, in this honest, in-depth review of OMGYES, I’ll answer all of those questions and more!

Is OMGYES worth it?

The short answer is yes, I do think OMGYES is worth the money. If you have a vulva and want to learn more about it and broaden your understanding of pleasure, or if you like to please vulvas, you can learn something from OMGYES, whether it’s how to do something better or how to talk to someone better.

Here’s a quick summary of what I thought of OMGYES. I’ll tell you more about each season below so you can get the whole story.

OMGYES: Most Loves Things About It

  • Women helping other women and telling each other what has worked for them.
  • Live examples of the methods to show how they look on a vulva.
  • Real vulvas show that everyone is different and help people feel less shame.
  • Videos that aren’t too racy but still show real bodies and nakedness.
  • Here are some examples of how to talk about sex and pleasure.
  • Information that is backed by study and money that is put back into more research.
  • Getting used to the idea that we need to learn about how we and our partners find pleasure.

What You Can Learn From It?


OMGYES is a website with a lot of resources for vulva owners who want to find new ways to get pleasure.

It was started to fix the fact that there wasn’t a lot of useful information out there and to get rid of the shame around female joy.

They wanted to give women the tools, words, and confidence they needed to start exploring their bodies. They also wanted to show female pleasure from a woman’s point of view, instead of the way porn usually shows it.

Another thing that makes OMGYES stand out is that all of their material is based on the study of women talking about their lives. They worked with researchers at some of the best centres for sexual study and polled and talked to tens of thousands of women to find out what breakthroughs had made pleasure the most enjoyable for them.

From that data, they were able to find trends and key themes that formed the base of the course.

This research is a big step forward for the study of female happiness, which is so far behind what we know about penis owners’ joy. Also, they use the money from OMGYES to pay for more research, so when you buy the course, you’re also helping to pay for more study.

How does OMGYES Operate?

OMGYES is not a membership service, in contrast to many sex and pleasure education courses. You may get either the first season or all three seasons for a one-time fee.

The first season focuses on clitoral stimulation, the second on internal pleasure, and the third on employing sex toys.

Each season is divided into sections that highlight a certain method for enhancing pleasure, including edging. For each method, you receive a variety of resources, such as text explanations, study findings, diagrams, live demonstrations, interactive features, and brief interviews with women discussing how they use the approach and what they enjoy about it.

Additionally, you are given advice on how to use this new technique with a partner, which is really helpful because so many vulva owners find it difficult to achieve the stimulation they require during partnered sex.

As an FYI, that’s not one of their methods, though it might as well be! You can go through the topics in any sequence or jump in and out as you choose!

What did I love about OMGYES videos?

Touchable Videos:

In my review of OMGYES, I had to include the touchable videos. This interactive vulva gives you vocal feedback to let you know how well you are doing or instruct you on how to do it better as you practise the technique by dragging your mouse or finger over the vulva.

It seemed a little too uncanny valley at first. It didn’t help that I was using an interactive vulva in a crowded office!

I was extremely delighted with this feature once I got over the first awkwardness, and I believe it’s a fantastic approach to normalizing practicing a technique rather than expecting to be able to do everything flawlessly the first time! When you practice this at home, the vocal feedback also provides you with an excellent example of how to lead a partner.

Real-Time Displays

Additionally, each woman does live demonstrations of each method, which really helps to lessen any embarrassment you may have about your vulva or pleasure.

Internal Pleasure

The second season is jam-packed with advice on how to enjoy internal stimulation more.

I appreciate how they discuss many penetration methods, including finger, penis, and dildo penetration.

I really like the live squirting demos, which are fantastic in dispelling the stigmas related to squirting. You can also observe that different people discharge different amounts of fluids, and that the eruptions don’t always resemble the super soaker-style ones we see in porn.

Toy Techniques

This is an in-depth look at how to enjoy your sex toys more. This season was my least favorite, even though there is still a ton of very wonderful information in it.

Subscription Packages

OMGYES is not a subscription product like other sites. The content from an OMGYES season can be accessed indefinitely after purchase.

Package Price Content Access type
Essentials (Season 1) $49 60 videos Lifetime
Essentials + Explore More (Seasons 1, 2 & 3) $99 300 videos Lifetime

OMGYes Coupon Codes

OMGOn their website, they do not presently provide promo codes. However, if you join up through this link, you’ll receive a delicious 40% discount!