OMGYES: Elevating Intimacy and Pleasure for Everyone



Today, we will be discussing OMGYES, an educational platform that focuses on women’s pleasure. Sure. I understand… I arrived at the party a little late, but it’s better to be late than to never show up at all! I want to share my personal experiences using the platform in this post.

I’ll also try to answer common questions about the site, its content, and the research behind it. I joined a few weeks ago and have been going through all the content. To begin with, what exactly is OMGYES? Who is responsible for the website and why does it exist?


In short, OMGYES is a platform that offers research-based information and tools to support women and people with vulvas in exploring their sexuality. The important thing here is that the research is based on scientific findings.

Scientists and researchers have studied almost everything in the world, but so far, only biological or behavioral aspects of sex have been extensively funded for large-scale research.

We still have limited knowledge about the specific techniques and insights that can enhance women’s pleasure.

OMGYES began by conducting a significant study that was reviewed by peers and published, aiming to find answers to their questions. A team of researchers, educators, and filmmakers collaborated after a study to create a series of touchable videos and interactive simulations.

These videos and simulations showcase techniques for pleasure, and we’ll discuss this innovative format in more detail later. OMGYES Season 1 is composed of these videos. The first season was a success, so the team decided to launch Season 2, which focuses on Inner Pleasure, and Season 3, which focuses on Toy Techniques.

They are doing more research to expand and grow their understanding of sexual pleasure based on evidence.

What Kinds of Things Will You Find on Omgyes?

But enough about the idea! You might be wondering what to expect when you join. At its heart, OMGYES is a pretty unique lesson on sex and pleasure.

So far, there have been 3 Seasons, and they all have the same structure. In the first season, the show is about clitoral stimulation, and in the second season, it’s about private pleasure. The third season is all about how to use sex toys.

Each season also has interviews and demo videos with real women who talk about what they like.

Each season has different themes that focus on different ways to make things more enjoyable. Whether you like to follow a set plan or choose your own topics as you go, OMGYES is a complete and useful guide for improving your sexual adventures.

Some people like to watch all of the content in one sitting, but it’s better to take your time and watch one topic per week to get the most out of it and use what you learn in real life.

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There are many ways to learn about these methods, such as through interviews with women who talk about their experiences and tastes, text descriptions, study results, graphics, live demos, and interactive elements. People talk about Season 1’s “touchable simulations.” So let’s talk about what those are exactly.

Who is OMGYES really for? Women only? Men? a couple?

Anyone who cares about making women happy could gain. OMGYES says that about half of its users are women right now, while the other half are guys. Some people like to go by themselves, but some pairs also do it together.

OMGYES Price and Cost

OMGYES platform is not a subscription service like some other sex and joy teaching programs. When you buy a Season of OMGYES, you’ll always be able to watch the episodes from that Season. But you’d have to buy each Season separately if you wanted to watch them. Like how when you buy a book, you don’t also buy all the other books that person wrote.

There are Main 2 Packages:

  • Essentials ( Season 1, 60 videos) costs $49
  • Essentials + Explore More (Seasons 1, 2 & 3, 300 videos) costs $99

OMGYES sometimes has sales and deals, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for those. The OMGYES app does not have a free or paid version.

Is OMGYES Worth It?

The material on OMGYES isn’t cheap, but it’s good. Whether or not OMGYES is worth it for you rests on your tastes and goals.

If you want a place with research-based knowledge and tools to help you explore your sexuality in a safe and respectful way, you might want to check out OMGYES. The tool is made for women and people with vulvas, but partners and people of all genders can also learn from it.

Users and the media have both said good things about OMGYES. Cosmopolitan called it “an online sexual pleasure revolution,” and Forbes praised its “empowering and educational” approach. Users have also said that the site is easy to use and full of useful information.


And for now, that’s all! As I finish each season, I’ll add notes to this piece. Tell me in the comments if you have any hot questions you’d like me to answer! If you want to try it out, click here.